Navigating the CWXP Metaverse: A Step-By-Step Guide for Participants

Welcome to the CWXP Metaverse, a digital platform co-funded by the European Union, designed to immerse you in the creative expressions of music, cinema, and interactive experiences like never before. As we prepare to embark on this virtual journey together, we’ve crafted a step-by-step guide to ensure your venture into the CWXP space is as enjoyable as possible. Let’s dive in!

Step 1: Entering the CWXP Universe

Your adventure begins on the CWXP website, where you’ll be prompted to give a name to your avatar. This name, which could be your own or a creative alias, will represent you in chats and hover above your avatar, serving as your identity within the CWXP community. Choose a name that reflects your persona and click the Connect button to get started!

Step 2: Mastering Movement and Interaction

Upon entering, an instruction window will greet you, presenting the keys for walking, running, flying, dancing, and chatting. Familiarize yourself with these controls to navigate the space with ease. Ready to explore? Dismiss the instructions by clicking on the cross in the right top corner, and let the fun commence in CWXP!

Step 3: The Lobby – Your Gateway to Magic

The Lobby is where your journey takes shape. Here, you can delve into the project’s roots, courtesy of the European Union’s co-funding, and the developer behind the space — Plus Render. Most importantly, the Lobby is your portal to our event stages, each marked clearly: Experience with an upwards runway, to your left a Music Stage, and Cinema Stage to your right.

Step 4: Music Stage – A Symphony of Interaction

Step into the Music Stage through its dedicated portal and teleport to a space where artistry comes alive on screen. Await the event’s start or dive into an ongoing performance with a simple click on the Play button.

What sets this stage apart? A designated area behind the screen stage, with the chance to interact with performing artists during special meet-and-greet sessions.

Discover more about CWXP’s project leader, gigmit, on the left of the Lobby portal, or immerse yourself in the artist’s world to the right — Spotify tunes, website, Instagram, and the chance to support the artist through purchasing their music NFTs await! How to purchase NFTs in CWXP? Stay tuned, a step-by-step guide about it is coming soon!

Step 5: Cinema Stage – A Visual Feast

The Cinema Stage, accessible through its portal, welcomes you to a cinematic experience unparalleled in the virtual domain. A screen, set to display the cinema stage’s curated films, awaits your arrival.

For ticket NFT holders, we offer an exclusive opportunity to meet with certain directors or film crews to elevate the experience even further! The available meet and greet events will be announced on CWXP Twitter channel, and in CWXP Discord. Stay tuned!

Learn about Kontentwerk, CWXP partner in cinematic adventures, and explore deeper into the film’s universe with information, websites, Instagram links, behind-the-scenes content (where available), and film NFTs. How to purchase NFTs in CWXP? Stay tuned, a step-by-step guide about it is coming soon!

Step 6: Experience – Immerse in the Beat

In the Experience space, let the music of CWXP artists envelop you as blocks light up to the rhythm, creating an unbroken musical journey. Return to the Lobby with a click in the top right corner, or for deeper engagement, join our vibrant Discord community by clicking on the purple logo in the bottom left corner. There, connect with fellow members, artists, and immerse yourself in a hub of creativity, knowledge, and exclusive community events!

Step 7: Your Adventure Awaits

You’re now equipped with the knowledge to explore and delight in the CWXP space. Explore further, engage, and let your experience in our digital platform enrich you.

Should you wish to contribute ideas or feedback, #suggestions and #support-ticket channels Discord server and Direct Messages of the CWXP Twitter channel are open for your valuable insights. Enjoy your exploration, and may your CWXP journey be filled with wonder and inspiration!

The CWXP Metaverse is a community of artists, creators, and enthusiasts united by a shared passion for innovation and creativity. Whether you’re here to enjoy the rhythms of the Music Stage, the narratives of the Cinema Stage, or the immersive Experience, CWXP offers a unique platform to engage with digital artistry in new ways. So, step in, explore, and let the limitless possibilities of the CWXP Metaverse inspire you.

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About CWXP

CWXP is Europe’s first open cultural space in the metaverse, connecting artists, event organizers, and art enthusiasts through immersive digital experiences. With integrity, innovation, diversity, and collaboration as its values, CWXP reshapes the cultural landscape in the digital realm.

Empowering Artists, Embracing Tomorrow

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Project Partners

About gigmit

Live events inspire us. We exist to simplify the world of live music. The live music business as it stands is complex and inherently has too many barriers to entry. That is why we want to make touring, booking and promoting a frictionless experience. We want to clean up: Live music business should be fast, easy, data-driven and accessible to everyone.

gigmit is a platform that empowers the currently 230,000 promoters and artists to craft the best career imaginable. We are the most accessible online platform that empowers you to make informed booking decisions based on local fan and streaming data: Sold out shows, done simple.

gigmit helps you to connect with the right people to create and play successful live music events all around the world.


About Kontentwerk

A startup focused on innovating the distribution of audiovisual content. The company licenses rights for films, series and other programs for TV and streaming markets, and consults with producers, rights owners and distributors. Its experts have years of experience and reach across the film industry.


About Plus Render | Mother Company of +XR

A high-end architecture, design, and 3D rendering studio with 45+ designers and architects. After years of experience in the physical world, Plus Render has opened a pioneering metaverse design studio, Exolve, which designs and builds 3D spaces and metaverses in the digital world of Web3.