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The Decentraland 3D models are the designs imported into Decentraland to place in your LAND. They could be from 3D NFT architectonic pieces to simple items or decorations you want to implement. Also, these models support several features such as animations, events, etc.

In this guide, you’ll get all the information about buying Decentraland 3D models, importing and adding them to your LAND and even selling them.

What Are Decentraland 3D Models?

Decentraland 3D models are designs you can import to your LAND or even sell in the Decentraland NFT Marketplace, as they’ll become one once it’s imported. Of course, the Decentraland Marketplace isn’t the only place where you can buy models, but remember that to import them, these must be in gITF format.

So this can be anything from a house to a ball and even an interactive piece of your LAND. Furthermore, you can use a blockchain ID to link your items to other items in the real world.

Decentraland 3D Models Format

To import the 3D models into Decentraland, these need to be in glTF (GL Transmission Format) format, but not all 3D modeling programs use this extension. Even more, it’s hard to see it besides the Decentraland NFT Marketplace.

However, almost any 3D modeling program has a way to export proyects to glTF, whether natively or via a plug-in, the list is according to Decentraland Docs is:

  • Blender
  • 3D Studio Max
  • Maya
  • Unity
  • SketchUp

Also, the Dencetraland Docs about 3D models states that the main reason for using this format is that glTF provides a more robust set of features, in contrast to the older OBJ format, which supports only vertices, normals, texture coordinates, and essential materials.

Some of the benefits that using glTF are:

  • Hierarchical objects
  • Skeletal structure and animation
  • More robust materials and shaders
  • Scene information (light sources, cameras)

With all these, you can give your own or buy Decentraland 3D models just the look you want for them.

Where to Buy Decentraland 3D Models

First, you’ll need to purchase MANA through any crypto exchange platform for Decentraland. Then it would be recommendable to spend some MANA in some Decentraland real estate. After that, you can browse the Decentraland NFT Marketplace to buy a house or something similar to a place on your land. 

Parallelly to that, other pages sell 3D models. However, they often are generic and you still need to animate, program, improve and convert it after importing it to your LAND.

Another, probably the best, option would be to seek and hire a specialized NFT Architect. It will allow you to describe your dream house, and the architect will make it real. This way, you won’t be limited to the current offer or generic houses.

What Is the Decentraland NFT Marketplace?

What Is the Decentraland NFT Marketplace?

Decentraland’s NFT Marketplace is where users can purchase, sell or transfer LAND and wearables in exchange for MANA.

Although Decentraland has its blockchain, the NFT Marketplace employs Ethereum as its base-layer protocol. In addition, Ethereum Smart Contracts handle blockchain transactions, allowing for faster transactions than the existing Decentraland blockchain. 

Furthermore, all transactions on the NFT Marketplace are non-confidential. Users can buy, sell, or trade virtual properties without using a third party. Moreover, all transactions are recorded in a permanent and transparent ledger.

How to Import and Place 3D Models

This is a considerably easy process that comprehends four steps, do as it follows:

1. Log In and Choose the Size of Your Project

Go to Decentraland’s Builder Page and log in. Once that is done, you can choose the size of your scene where you’ll put your house and items. 

Consider that each LAND parcel has 16x16m, so you should choose based on how many lands you have. However, the project can be saved instead of deployed, so it’s not mandatory to choose the size of your LAND if you don’t want to deploy it instantly.

You can edit any existing scene, including its size or the items it has, by clicking on the pencil icon found right next to the scene’s name.

2. Import Custom Items

You can import your 3D models into the Builder by creating a user asset pack that can hold one or more assets. 

To create a new asset pack, you need to click “New Asset Pack” at the bottom of the item catalog or the plus sign at the top of the categories list. 

After that, drag one or multiple 3D model files into the window and press “Import assets.” Then name each asset to identify them better, name the asset pack and press “Create Asset Pack.”

Now you’ll see a new folder in the items catalog with your new asset pack, and, once created, the custom asset pack is available in every scene you edit or create.

3. Add and Place Items in Your Scene

When customizing your scene in Decentraland, you’ll have a lot of options, thanks to the items catalog and your custom assets. All you have to do is drag and drop items into your scene to experiment with different options.

In Decentraland, positioning is also an essential aspect of construction. You can precisely set an entity’s position, rotation and scale by using the move tool’s three functions. Also, if you want to undo any recent change or duplicate items, it is easily doable with the delete and duplicate tools, respectively.

4. Name and Publish It

When you’re finished, name and publish it by hovering over the scene and clicking edit to provide a name and optional description. The name will be displayed directly beneath the minimap. To publish, select the scene and press the Publish button. 

That’s it; now your custom Decentraland 3D models are in virtual reality.

How to Sell Decentraland 3D Models

Unfortunately, you only can sell LAND or wearables on Decentralands NFT Marketplace, making it impossible to “oficially” sell Decentraland 3D models. However, you can still sell animated, programmed or improved generic models or your creations on multiple web pages.

Although it won’t pay you any MANA, you won’t be able to buy any new LAND to increase your parcel’s size.

How to Sell Decentraland Wearables

To sell wearables, there is a required fee for publishing items of 150 USD per item, to be paid in MANA. So, for instance, if you post two items and the price of MANA at the time is 1.5 USD, you will have to pay a fee of 200 MANA, regardless of the rarity of those items.

However, before paying, your wearable collection must be submitted for approval before publication. Your wearables should be fine with the approval process as long as you meet the following criteria:

  • Don’t involve illegality, such as piracy, or criminal activity.
  • Don’t infringe third party intellectual property rights.
  • Don’t contain cruel or hateful imagery.
  • Don’t contain content that is libelous, false, or invades another person’s privacy.
  • Don’t breach the Privacy Policy.
  • Don’t contain any content that promotes or could be construed as primarily intending to evade the limitations described above.

With that being said, the process of publishing your wearables collections will look like the following:

  • After clicking “Publish” it will be submitted for approval. Collections with pending approval will be flagged as “Under Review”.
  • When you publish a collection, a post is automatically created on the Decentraland Forum.This is to get feedback or change requests that you need to make before your collection can be approved.
  • If there are changes you need to make you will be notified in the Forum thread for your collection and you’ll need to resubmit your collection for approval.
  • You will be notified in the Forum once your collection has received final approval. In the Wearable Editor, there will also be a visual indicator next to the approved collection.
  • After receiving approval, you can begin minting items from your collection.

How to Sell Decentraland LAND

To sell one or more of your LAND the process is pretty simple:

  • Go to “My Assets” and open its details page.
  • In the details page, click “Sell”.
  • Set a price and expiration date and click “List for sale”. Then retype the price you’re selling it at to confirm.
  • Confirm this transaction on your Ethereum client and wait for the network to verify it.

If this is your first time selling LAND on the Marketplace, you will be asked to confirm a one-time charge for the Marketplace to accept MANA.

You can change the price of an existing sale without having to cancel and recreate the sale. Instead, click the Update price button on the parcel or estate’s details page.


Although you can create or buy Decentraland 3D models, there are a few extra options. For example, you can find plenty of them ready to use for free, but don’t expect too much from them. Moreover, if you want to create something big, hiring an expert NFT architect would be better to bring your project to life.

In any case, using custom Decentraland 3D models will give you LAND a different level of uniqueness. It can be from a simple painting to a complex structure, and everything can be imported easily in the Decentraland Builder, as long as it has the correct format.

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