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How Roblox Nike Land Designed Its Own World

When Nike announced its partnership with the huge videogame software company Roblox to open a business in the Metaverse, many things changed. This led to a new era that attracted the stares of many other companies who did the same after them, establishing a trend.

Understanding the Concepts of Roblox

To understand what Nike Land is, it’s vital to know what Roblox means for the Metaverse and the video gaming industry. Roblox isn’t just a game but the basis of a project where users can shape whatever they want and share it with others worldwide.

Another important thing to remark on is that every game in Roblox is different. The software allows for the creation of worlds and projects that can be different video games from each other, with their mechanics and singular purposes.

What makes all of this possible is that the game platform and the authoring tool are two completely independent things. Roblox Studio has a simple interface with many advanced tools for creating projects. Even children can learn to program by getting used to playing with these tools.

What is Nike Land?

Roblox Nike Land is an immersive world experience created by Nike with the collaboration of Roblox to capture young audiences and get into the Metaverse. Many brands are currently moving into this wide market of Roblox that allows the creation of almost anything, where the only limit is creativity.

This Nike world was inspired by the company brand’s real headquarters, which also holds detailed arenas where Roblox community players can test their skills. This includes competing in mini-games such as tag, the floor is lava, and dodgeball, which can be played with friends.

Nike also provides a tool kit for users to create their mini-games from interactive sports materials.

Competing in these activities earns the players rewards, such as Blue Ribbons and Gold Medals, as well as exploring and finding easter eggs. In addition, those rewards are used to unlock avatars and other virtual products related to the brand.

Of course, a room related to showcasing Nike gear is also available for anyone to visit. Many apparel staples are there, such as the AGC and the Nike Tech Pack. Players can also experience football with the Mercurial football boot.

How Did It Start?

Roblox Nike Land started as an event on November 18, 2018, that lasted until December 7, 2021. It was sponsored by the American company Nike but still receives continuous updates after the main event is finished.

Many prizes were offered during this time, and most were merchandise from the company: Nike Pro Caps, Elemental Backpacks, Cookie Earmuffs, Fury Headbands, Shoebox Costumes, and many other things. Even a James LeBron crown was included as a special cosmetic for a limited time.

How Did it Become a Success?

This virtual world of Roblox and Nike is the proven concept of the new mainstream Metaverse commercials. Nike Land saw more than seven million users in the first two months of creation.

Its digital results weren’t small either: those Metaverse experiences now represent 26% of Nike’s total brand revenue. In addition, more than 22 million users have recently visited Nike Land, which almost 120,000 players favored.

How Can Fashion and Gaming Be Combined?

Given that the Metaverse is a nascent, non-stop changing platform, there were many questions and doubts about Nike Land. Not everyone thought it could succeed, even if it was viable: gamers always seek new experiences, and Roblox offers many attractions and diversity with constant change.

But fashion projects have proven the contrary, being extremely successful Metaverse experiences. Introducing new products through these worlds, such as Gucci Town and Vans World, are other projects attracting many users alongside Nike.

What makes this strange but successful combination a hit is the mix of the core tenets of gaming and retail stores in introducing new products and experiences. For example, fashion and luxury use the concepts of seasonal refreshing. Meanwhile, video games introduce new environments on regular schedules.

Combining both provides a successful execution; meanwhile, adding other key attributes, such as social presence and persistence, is also vital. Last but not least, sharing this world is a must if developers want people to interact with it.

Successful Methods Used by These Worlds

One of Nike Land’s biggest moments was during the NBA All-Star week when Nike commissioned LeBron James to visit their virtual world. Participants were rewarded for physical gameplay and earned virtual products, too.

Another famous fashion brand, Gucci, redid the visuals and experiences of Gucci Town to promote its latest perfume, Gucci Flora. They introduced new challenges for players and allowed them to interact with an avatar of their brand ambassador, the worldwide-known singer Miley Cyrus.

What’s Needed to Build These Worlds?

Behind the success of these virtual worlds, many designers and developers work hard to make it happen. These teams, such as the Exolve one, are known as Metaverse builders and are responsible for the design discovery, modeling, and testing.

Related to Roblox Nike Land, the one in charge of creating this place was Nike’s newly acquired crew of Metaverse agency called RTKFT. They facilitated a gaming experience that could be adapted to the brand and allowed users to buy goods from Nike.

The Present and Future of Nike Land

While the main event of Roblox Nike Land ended last year, constant updates kept coming, and we are looking forward to integrating new tools and features. Users with a mobile phone can access it and convert their real-life movement into the game, performing and recording jumps and fast sprints.

This helps Nike achieve its goal of getting more people active in the real world while promoting its Metaverse world in Roblox. The idea also fits perfectly with the current global sports events, such as the globally known and watched FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

Furthermore, Nike looks forward to harnessing the creativity of its users, allowing the co-creation of items that can get a real-life preview if they are successful enough.

Before the creation of this Metaverse world, Nike had already shown signs of getting into the “virtual worlds” by offering a virtual reality experience in New York. In addition, a Snapchat filter was created to show what Nike Land would be in the future.


The Metaverse is constantly developing and always changing the Internet with its evolution. As a result, many brands are increasingly getting into it, looking to attract new audiences from other sectors.

One of the clear examples was Nike, which partnered with Roblox to develop a themed video game where users could interact with Nike goods, enjoy mini-games and learn more about the brand they were visiting.

Meta Architecture

What is the Best Meta Architecture Style for Designers?

As new worlds and technology are being developed into the future generations of Web3 and Metaverse 3d modeling, several disciplines, such as architecture and real estate, are due to change too. Technological innovations develop exciting possibilities for anyone to create in the virtual world.

3D designers and virtual architects can push the boundaries in these worlds, redefining what a space truly means. Such things can allow us to try and imagine new things, such as new styles and architectures for buildings where physics does not matter.

These map designs and built environments are crucial to keeping an immersive user experience within the virtual worlds. In addition, places to meet other people or share experiences are the ones that can succeed since the heart of the Metaverse is the social interactions of users with others all around the globe.

Best Architecture Styles for the Metaverse

A meta-architecture style can be designed in many ways, covering all ranges: from normal houses to buildings, including fantasy landscapes, space, public places, hotels, and many other amazing combinations.

A very well-known narrative that has been consistent throughout history related to design is that “the house is a reflection of the self,” a place to feel comfortable and represented. Therefore, people collect and display things around them based on their likings and stories that connect to good memories of the past and present.

Such knowledge has also been magnified and massified to almost anyone with access to the Internet, allowing a free source of creativity to design their dream house. Platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and TikTok allow designers to see what’s trending and recreate it with 3D models for the Metaverse.

These are some of those most picked concepts that people usually employ and ask designers to build for their virtual homes:


The Metaverse can be seen as a positive expression with equitable tools for experimenting and expressing what the user wants or feels through a design. In addition, the mix of memoir and contemporary art in the digital era has been explored under the term “glitch,” mending the gap between reality and digital.

This is also known as a liberation of body and technology, where the original glitch is known as an error, fault, or fissure. But in the Metaverse, it’s seized as an opportunity to prove that new worlds can be created, daring the logical ways and structures ways of the real world.

Most of the design concepts of the glitch style also consist of fluid, transformable, non-human, and shape-shifting forms, breaking all rigid norms. The concept of these houses is designed as a liberating space for expressions of joy and creativity, where every room narrates a personal memory of the designer.


With the team originally coined by the French sociologist Jean Baudrillard in 1981 during the text Simulacra and Simulation, “hyperreality” is the representation of something that lacks a referent. In other words, hyperreality cannot distinguish reality from a simulation of reality.

This architectural style represents itself as a product where the intensification of emotional life due to the continuous shift of stimuli rules over everything. As a result, individuals reflect the necessity of money and commodities, becoming dull and meaningless.

Creations of these designs are characterized as bare concrete buildings with prefab bathrooms, small dining areas, and strange exterior constructions that break the typical rules. This blurs the boundaries between what’s real and the representation of a dull-cosmopolitan life.


This style encompasses many things: starting as a subgenre of science fiction related to a dystopian future. It combines the power of artificial intelligence, cybernetics, and social change. The word “Metaverse” was first used in a book of this genre called Snow Crash.

This fiction has ties not only to the literary fiction genre but also to video games and house interior and design, especially for the Metaverse. Among the most popular titles, the game Cyberpunk 2077, the book/film Ready Player One and the novel Neuromancer distinguish from the others.

For those who know what cyberpunk style means, it is easy to picture how a house of this style looks: strong futuristic vibes with neon lights and high-tech devices are a must. Such themes merge incredibly well in virtual worlds because it’s insanely easier to create.

Most of the things that the cyberpunk style represents cannot be completely designed in real life, at least for now. However, designers can easily design mega-crowded futurist cities on many platforms to fit the style of these apartments for the legion of fans and people interested in it.

Some interesting additions that merge with “current and normal” real-life are used too, such as hologram clocks mounted on the wall projecting numbers. Build-in light lamps in the ceiling and plant box with artificial lightning are some projects that are currently being displayed on some earthly projects.


Digital art and designs defined by interiors and objects or assets often taken from fantastic or surreal worlds are known as dreamscapes. This style can cover many genres: from bizarre constructions to dreamy landscapes, passing through extravagant interiors and spacial worlds.

The term comes from “escaping the routine” through a new artistic code, which became trendy last year. It allows designers to, unless the full potential of their creativity, break the rules of physics that real life has while merging many styles and strange structures.

Defying gravity, otherworldly spaces, and candy-colored rooms are some of the most used combinations by people who create these designs.

Most of this wave was originally launched through Instagram in 2018 when the Argentinian designer Andrés Reisinger posted a large pink armchair covered with petals, which he named “Hortensia.” After that, many designers and artists joined the trend posting many designs and interiors with this vibe.

Many designs for this style are created through software such as Rhinoceros 3D, Enscape, Lumion, and Octane. Most of them are buildings with no constraints and budgets since most cannot be inhabited and are only visited.

How to Design With These Styles?

Creating such themed buildings can be a very time-consuming activity, especially for people that don’t have enough knowledge to do it.

Luckily for everyone, many teams, such as Exolve, offer their services to recreate a customer’s design through 3D modeling software. As a result, professionals can build ground-breaking architectures, open-world environments, and any landscape desired.

Of course, this applies not only to building structures but also to assets and NFTs that can be used as objects or trading items within the Metaverses.


To recreate a Meta architecture style with the proper representation, it’s vital to address the many available styles. A world that defies all kinds of physical rules of real life allows limitless imagination for designers, leading to endless opportunities to build fantasy interiors and exteriors.3D design teams can build any of these constructions thanks to their knowledge of the Metaverse, virtual real estate, and architecture, making any custom.

Simple Steps to Create and Sell Your NFTs

Simple Steps to Create and Sell Your NFTs

Since the boom of cryptocurrencies and the pandemic, many artists will be mind-boggled to see exceptional and original content. Non-fungible tokens are those digital assets associated with art, music, in-game items, videos, or any other digital production. With each passing day, the trend of creating, promoting, and selling in a Blockchain marketplace has increased. It has never been this easy to profit from personal content. 

What is an NFT?

Anyone can be an NFT artist; they certainly don’t have to be a professional artist. If you have paintings, 2D & 3D designs, digital illustrations, animations, virtual avatars, digital collectables, and games that are distinct and exclusive and not repeated without due credit to the primary artist can be presented as NFT. 

NFT provides exclusive rights to hold originality and fandom. Ideally, a creator need not rely on promoting art at galleries and being auctioned. Instead, the creator can directly sell the art as a digital token to a buyer in a blockchain marketplace.

Creating Your First NFT Art: A No-Brainer Guide to Follow

Creating the Masterpiece 

Create your stellar designs in 2D and 3D, as well as memes, GIFs, virtual avatars, paintings, and sketches.

Setting up Your Crypto Wallet 

Choose to buy a digital currency from your ideal cryptocurrency exchange platform like Coinbase, E-toro, etc.

NFT architects offer the facility to work with future design concepts that bind architecture and Metaverse algorithm-enabled NFTs. Check out the website for step-by-step instructions to support your special 3D and Metaverse-integrated projects. 

Explore and Sign-up on a Marketplace

Start trading your NFTs and stay connected with the largest community of digital creators.

Understanding the Line-up Steps in Detail

Buy Ethereum 

Once you have digital art created and ready to be sold, you will have to own an Ethereum-supported crypto wallet. The digital wallet will hold all your NFT collection and cryptocurrencies.

Buy Ethereum from a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase, E-toro, Gemini, Binance, Venmo, and PayPal, which are conveniently accessible via mobile apps or desktops. Like any trading wallet, each platform has a certain cut on the fees collected for all your buying and selling transactions.

Choose Your Popular NFT Marketplace 

Now that the wallet is set up and loaded, you are free to explore the NFT universe. Search and match your requirements by researching the suitable Marketplace for the best commission rate and having different categories of NFT Art traded.

Few Popular NFT Marketplaces to Try Out

Open Sea 

The largest NFT Marketplace. The Marketplace holds vast collections of varied forms of NFTs, which makes it a reference platform when you search for special and rare art creations. The platform accepts around 150 cryptocurrencies and integrates with both Ethereum and polygon blockchains. This allows any consumer to avoid unnecessary fees associated with NFT trade.


An NFT Marketplace that is widely popular to attract creations from sports, media, and gaming. The platform uses Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos blockchains, which can offer lower carbon and gas fee options while NFT minting. 


A thriving NFT Marketplace is associated with the Binance Crypto exchange. A convenient platform for easy NFT trade that offers a wide collection of NFTs. The platform estimates the NFT in USD currency to make it a familiar comparison before your transaction. 

Can I Attain Benefits While Trading an NFT?

NFTs are young and thriving in the digital world. However, like any investment trading on assets, there is always risk associated with the transaction.


NFT’s offer authenticity to the artwork – The creator can brand the artwork with personal digital signatures to confirm the ownership. 

In NFT unique data, there is only one owner to the NFT art at a given time. This allows the tracking and verifying of the frequent NFT art Transfers. The transfers also allow royalty rights to the creator who can benefit a percentage from the subsequent sales.


While there are more marketplaces, you may want to look out for the associated fees and varied commission rates offered by all the platforms and make the investment only when you are comfortable and understand your risk potential.

The Performance of NFTs is volatile. The NFT art market will continue to evolve and grow, but it acts upon the trend in the market. Because there is a viral trend to create and sell NFTs, it may or may not be ideal for making any large investments. 


Non-fungible tokens are diverse digital assets. You will often be tempted and intrigued to witness rapid progression in the crypto universe. The anticipation of rare NFTs to perform massive in the future can be a calculated risk everyone has to endure while trading. 

Often, NFTs are programmed for further development, so being aware of how useful and flourishing an NFT will be in the future will be beneficial. Look after an NFT transaction like any traditional trading practice; research and assess the maximum risk and prospects that maximize your returns and finally, take a lead with confidence.