Decentraland builder. How to become one

Decentraland builder. How to become one?

It’s perfectly known that any metaverse-like plataform is the future of any activity and relationship, even for companies. Decentraland, thanks to being metaverse-like building in it is a goldmine

That’s why if you own land in Decentraland, no matter if you’re a coder or not, you should and can easily create a great scene.

If you’re a beginner, you should start with the Builder Tool to create a simple scene in Decentraland.

This easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor requires no coding knowledge while allowing you to create beautiful scenes and simple games. It has an ever-expanding library of pre-made static and dynamic models with which you can experiment at your leisure.

If you want to do something more advanced, you’ll need to learn Typescript or a similar coding language, as well as how to use the Decentraland SDK. 

You can use the Software Development Kit to import 3D models into Decentraland, as well as code complex games, applications, animations, and much more. The possibilities are truly limitless.

Decentraland’s Builder Editor

The Builder Editor in Decentraland is a simple online tool that serves as a visual editor for constructing and publishing in Decentraland. It makes use of the Decentraland SDK and runs in your browser without the need for any downloads. The steps to scene using it would be:

Sign in and Choose your LAND Size

Sign in to the Decentraland Builder. You must make certain that the shape and size of the scene you choose to deploy on your LAND correspond to the size of each parcel (16x16m) on that LAND. If you already have a scene, you can change its size by clicking on the pencil icon next to the scene’s name.

It’s worth noting that the Builder tool only generates rectangular shapes. The SDK is required if you want to create scenes in a variety of shapes.

Choose Your Preferred Texture

Give your scene some texture once you’ve started building it. Decentraland supports a wide range of textures, which can be found in themed asset packs. To give your ground a realistic appearance, select one of the textures supported. Once you’ve decided on a ground texture, replace the floor tiles with it.

Add and Edit Items in Your LAND

When it comes to customizing your scene in Decentraland, the item catalog has a plethora of options. All you have to do is experiment with different things on your LAND using a simple drag and drop feature.

In Decentraland, positioning is also an important aspect of construction. Using the move tool’s three functions, any item can be precisely positioned.

There is a delete tool that can undo any recent change if you want to change the changes you made while building. Before using the delete tool, make sure you have properly selected an item.

Duplicating items is also possible with the Builder tool’s Duplicate tool.

Holding the Ctrl key and selecting the items as desired allows you to select multiple items at the same time. This allows you to move, edit, rotate, delete, or duplicate multiple items.

Name and Publish It

When you’re finished, you’ll need to name and publish what you’ve created. Simply click on edit to enter a name and optional description.The name will be displayed directly beneath the minimap.

To publish, select the scene and press the Publish button. If you do not own land, you can still publish it on the Scene Pool, where landowners can view it and use it if they like it.

The Decentraland SDK

The Decentraland SDK

The Decentraland SDK is a powerful tool for creating scenes in Typescript (Javascript + Types).

This is a mini-list that walks you through the prerequisites for using the Decentraland SDK and demonstrates the basic components of a Decentraland scene:

  • Node.js (version 14 or later): needed for the installation of the CLI
  • The Command Line Interface (CLI): it will enable you to compile and preview your scene locally. After you’ve tested your scene locally, you can use the CLI to upload it to Decentraland.
  • Graphical Editing Tools: will aid in the placement of 3D models in a Decentraland scene To add interactivity to these items, you’ll still need to use the SDK, but setting positions visually will be a big help.
  • 3D Modeling Tools: You can create 3D models for Decentraland scenes using any 3D modeling tool.

Once you have all the items in this list, you’re ready to create your first Decentraland scene. This would be the line of work to do it:

  • Create your first scene.
  • Edit the scene.
  • Import your 3D assets.
  • Add interactivity.
  • Publish your scene.

Scenes are displayed one after the other, and players can freely move between them. Each scene is its own contained little world; items from one scene cannot extend into another; and the code for each scene is isolated from the code for the others.

It’s always recommended to check out the documentation to clear doubts regarding specific cases or to learn new functions to apply to your project. Also you can check out scene examples to inspire yourself.

Why Build in Decentraland?

Decentraland is evolving into a new medium with enormous potential for good. Imagine:

  • Going to a virtual cinema to watch a movie with friends.
  • Being guided through a virtual museum.
  • Creating a laser tag arena and hosting a friendly competition with your peers.
  • Participating in group study sessions in which you can fly through the human body.
  • Modeling tropical plants and selling the models to people who want to use them to decorate their virtual homes.
  • Working on a floor plan with an interior designer remotely.
  • Creating a 3D presentation for a conference hosted by the metaverse.

People can learn, form communities, play with friends, and express their creativity in Decentraland. Moreover, if you need more reasons that make Decentraland special for all these activities and more, of course there are:

Organic Multiplayer

Decentraland will turn any experience into a multiplayer experience. If you need to organize a project, simply invite your team to your tree fort and create a whiteboard. Invite a friend to assist you in designing a room, or simply go on a tour of the new museum.


You can design and code a ladybug that flies around a room and lands on home furnishings in Decentraland. You can make a duplicate of your ladybug and give it to a friend to flutter in their island garden. Users of Decentraland can safely populate their rooms with items created by others.

Universal Market

The Decentraland market is massive, with a wide range of products. Today, there are a large number of indie game developers who have the skills required to create games, items, and rooms for Decentraland. A skilled 3D modeler could spend lots of time designing some furniture for the store.

Easy Exploration

The ease with which new content can be discovered can benefit both content creators and players.

Thanks to being a virtual reality world, visiting a new experience in Decentraland is as simple as walking through a portal. Decentraland’s content is designed to avoid long waiting times. So you’ll be able to travel between locations with your friends by using portals.

Exploring the connections between worlds will be enjoyable for everyone. Thanks to not having restrictions on both, activities and materials, Decentraland buildings can be amazing. 

Travel through the strange and unique until you arrive at a “history of cheese” exhibit housed inside a cheese castle, the posibilities are infinite.

Why Outsource Decentraland Builders

Despite the ease with which you can build your own scene thanks to the Build Editor, if you want it to have more complex stuff, you’ll need the SDK. Of course, you can learn the SDK but in order to develop exactly what you want or to make truly amazing experiences you’ll need to learn a lot. Which means a lot of time.

Time is critical when building in Decentraland because it is growing faster than ever before, and if you want to stand out, now is the time. As a result, it is preferable to hire NFT Architects, 3D Modelers, and Programmers to assist you in turning your ideas into virtual reality.

It won’t just save you time because they already have the knowledge, but they also have experience in this field, and of course you’ll be leading the process.


You know have the tools to become a Decentraland builder, but if you want to outstand from others, you should hire an specialized team.

After you finalize your building, you may want to make it known, and for that duty, it’s recommendable to hire a marketing agency. For best results you should go for a Web3 focused marketing agency.

In any case, building in Decentraland, the purpose you give it and how it looks like, is your decision. After that, the possibilities are infinite.

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