Latest Updates About the Metaverse

Latest Updates About the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a non-stop changing world. A place that is in constant development by its millions of users that frequent it every day. Many do it for 3d virtual design, others for NFTs, and some for gaming, but all do it because it’s part of the future. So it’s vital to keep up with all its updates and news.

Metaverse 2022: Trending Industries

With the boom of many brands getting into the virtual worlds of the Metaverse and the huge influx of people visiting it, many industries became trending. Most brands earned an important name there, implementing new business strategies to adapt and succeed.

These are some of the most trending technological industries that are currently on the top of the list when it comes to the Metaverse:

Virtual / Augmented Reality and Gaming

Virtual and augmented reality came to stay when it came to the gaming industry. They played a more significant role during the late years, with amazing exponential growth. This becomes even bigger when related to the Metaverse, being a vital part of it.

Among the video games these devices are used for The Sandbox stands out. This futuristic platform based on games like Roblox and Minecraft developed an immense decentralized world where anyone can personalize their avatar.

The game’s token based on Ethereum, SAND, allows players to buy and sell their virtual land to construct whatever they please.

Its main competitor, Axie Infinity, is another of the leaders in the gaming industry related to the Metaverse. Founded in Singapore with a blockchain community for trading and breeding virtual pets similar to Pokémon, it gained massive popularity.

Its play-to-earn system allows millions of users to earn tokens that can be traded for AXIS coins to buy and upgrade their pets or sell them.

Virtual Art Galleries

The popularity of NFTs has increased in almost every type of art, including digital assets and blockchain technology. Although relatively new, this market is one of the most valued ones, reaching the whooping number of $2.4 billion.

These immersive spaces are the perfect place for virtual artists to show their creations, opening endless possibilities for exhibitions and environments. These experiences were further expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic when many new Metaverse art galleries were opened.

Digital Real Estate

Surpassing the $500 million barrier the last year, the real estate market has come to stay in the Metaverse. Being the core of virtual worlds, this business is extremely important because it allows users to connect, create and sell their creations similarly to real life.

Many assets are being created to be sold or traded in the Metaverse as real estates, such as buildings, architectural designs, and more. Most of them are created by professional teams such as Exolve, where experts make wishes reality with their 3D abilities.

Other services, such as 3D virtual tours, greatly take advantage of this business, allowing their customers to explore designs thanks to VR/AR headsets.

Social Networking

The Metaverse isn’t only useful for gaming and creating art and buildings but also a perfect place for people around the globe to connect with others. These virtual experiences can happen in different worlds, platforms, and spaces created by many architects.

For example, many giants from the Hotel and Resort industries are looking into launching virtual hotels. Visitors will be able to explore it with their avatars, and also reserve a room or talk to other Metaverse visitors.

Virtual non-playable characters (NPCs), hosting events, and more will also be added, to make things easier for the community. These non-controlled avatars will be in charge of ordering and engaging with anyone who looks forward to it.

Biggest Deals Signed This Year in the Metaverse

Biggest Deals Signed This Year in the Metaverse

Different industries have gained a lot of momentum and profit thanks to the Metaverse boom and lots of businesses and companies. These are some of the brands that have invested the most in these virtual worlds and gained a lot of profit:

eFuse ($981.7 million)

2022 has been an amazing year for eFuse, which reached the biggest Metaverse deal of the year. This American mobile application company works as a hub for video games, esports, and gaming technology, raising $981.7 to date.

Such millionaire funding size represents almost the total number of esports and video gaming roles in the Metaverse. Other important competitors in this scene are Epic Games and Roblox, which have been hosting virtual concerts in their games.

Flexport ($935 million)

This American tech company is known for its cloud-based service in the Metaverse, helping users make global trade decisions across the network. They also solve supply chain bottlenecks and many other issues of digital solutions.

nCino Bags ($925.5 million)

Part of Fintech, nCino is a cloud banking system solution that offers customers portals. This year, it raised $925.5 million by working in the Metaverse, according to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

This cloud service is also vital to support the Metaverse because big data capabilities would make it harder to take the lead and develop the market without it.

Verse Innovation ($805 million)

Verse Innovation is an Indian platform millions of users use to create short video content with strong ties to the Metaverse. It has only raised $805 million at this stage, becoming one of the top 5 companies with the most money raised in these virtual worlds.

Part of this success comes from the huge popularity videos have occupied in the Metaverse. Sharing apps and mainstream video creation apps such as TikTok and Meta reels gave it the push it needed to become one of the most demanded services.

Uniphore ($400 million)

Uniphone is another of those American companies that are investing millions in the Metaverse. This automation technology company has reached deals of $400 million. Their focus on voice, artificial intelligence, and computer vision focus have made it very important for the Metaverse.

These are very common technologies that are developed for virtual worlds, and since it plays a big part, many people look forward to what’s next.

Aminoca Brands (358.9 million)

Animoca Brands is a company from Hong Kong that raised its finances to $358.9m this year. It develops and publishes many mobile games and products, including for companies in the Metaverse. One of its biggest hits was Liberty City Ventures, which led to a huge boost in profit.

The company’s plan for the Metaverse 2022 and 2023 roadmap is to help by driving digital and virtual property rights and ownership via NFTs and gaming. This would contribute to building new digital networks that would contribute to an open metaverse.


If it was needed to realize a Metaverse 2022 recap, anyone would say it is a place that never stops upgrading itself, with millions of users visiting it every day. Naturally, this provides many business opportunities, especially for those technology giants that can invest huge loads of money.

Current millionaire deals and technological advances in virtual and augmented reality make the Metaverse an attractive place that always drags more people in. However, the infinite chances it provides to earn money, socialize and even learn makes it unique and very enjoyable.

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