Top 9 Metaverse Architecture Designs

Top 9 Metaverse Architecture Designs

The Metaverse will shape the internet’s future, but it is still new territory with many unknowns. However, that doesn’t mean architects aren’t already working on some fantastic structures. Unfortunately, despite their incredible work, metaverse architects aren’t a frequent conversation topic.

Who Are the Metaverse Architects

They are significant because they will be the ones who give shape to the Metaverse. Therefore, it makes sense to comprehend the significance of paying close attention to the architectural discipline. 

With all its potential, the virtual world still needs to be created and constructed. Unfortunately, the constructed environment has been influenced mainly by architects, and engineers for ages, primarily out of need.

The complexities of the physical world required safeguards, but they could give free rein to their imagination in the Metaverse. Thanks to this, creating any trending metaverse architecture design of any style can be easy to become a renowned owner in the virtual world.

In addition, firms with architectural expertise in the physical world and the ability to see the future of design in the digital world can transform any dream into reality. Exolve, for example, will help you realize your metaverse architecture project. In addition, they provide meta architectural services from A-Z.

You could even take advantage of those breathtaking designs and get involved in metaverse real estate to make money. If a metaverse architecture design is trend enough, it can raise its price to millions of dollars.

Top Metaverse Architecture Designs

Let’s take a look at some of the best-designed buildings in the metaverse with the following list:

  1. Dark Junction – Jedi Temple

Enter the Jedi Tower at Dark Junction. This Tower isn’t the tallest, but it stands 13 meters tall and towers over all the surrounding structures. When you enter the Jedi Temple’s main hall, you are greeted by a giant screen that displays a YouTube video. In addition, there are several pieces of NFT art on the wall.

The Jedi Temple has four floors, all accessible via elevator. Take the elevator to the second floor, where you’ll find even more art. It’s worth noting that you can click on the art to be taken to the listing for that NFT.

After admiring the various works of art on the first two floors, the third floor shows an entirely different vibe. The Meditation Chamber seems to be where Star Wars fans might congregate to relax, but it could be used for anything.

The fourth and final floor is the Tower, a small room atop the temple that offers visitors a 360-degree birds-eye view of the city. The Jedi Temple appears to have been built as a museum rather than a place of worship, in my opinion.

  1. Mars House

It was marketed as the “first NFT digital house” and described as such. This was created by artist Krista Kim and sold on the online marketplace SuperRare for more money than many actual homes, although it was merely a 3D scene meant to be viewed in virtual reality.

The digital work acted as a case study for the possible copyright problems that might arise with metaverse architecture since Kim and her rendering artist Mateo Sanz Pedemonte eventually got into a legal battle over who was the rightful owner of the project’s intellectual property.

  1. West Coast Bill – SpaceX Metabase

The SpaceX Metabase building is divided into two sections: the Metabase and the Spaceship, which is modeled after SpaceX’s Starship and features an animated spaceship orbiting the building’s top.

Bill Lee, an investor in many of Elon Musk’s ventures, including SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company, owns the SpaceX Metabase. 

When you first enter the building, you are greeted by a room filled with art from Bill’s collection. His collection includes works by RTFTK, Hackatao, and SuperPlastic, among others.

As you ascend to the second floor, you will see a large screen with “the future is here,” signed by West Coast Bill himself. It’s unclear what the SpaceX Metabase will be used for in the future, but it has a lot of promise.

  1. The Shipping

Andrés Reisinger was one of the first digital designers to produce NFTs after finding success on Instagram. His debut was a drop of 10 virtual furniture items auctioned off in less than 10 minutes for a total of $450,000 because metaverse architecture design isn’t just about buildings.

The “impossible” chairs and tables in the collection can be added to any 3D virtual environment or used to create new games and animations.

  1. Metapurse HQ

Metapurse HQ is one of the tallest buildings in the Metaverse, standing 37 meters tall. This skyscraper is owned by multimillionaire Vignesh Sundaresan, better known as Metkoven, who is best known for paying $69 million for Beeple’s ‘Everyday’s’ NFT.

Although Metapurse HQ is an impressively tall structure, only four floors are available for exploration. Meeting space, art gallery, 1-1-1 room, and rooftop. Each one of these floors seems to be very promising.

The meeting area is vast, and the 1-1-1 room displays a replica of Metakoven’s F1 DeltaTime 111 NFT car, which he purchased for $111k in May 2019. In addition, the rooftop offers a beautiful view of the city.

Metapurse HQ is undoubtedly one of the best buildings in the Metaverse. While there isn’t much to show yet, given the name and size of the structure, Metakoven is likely to hold at least some of his operations inside of Metapurse HQ.

  1. “Cyber-Urban” – Metaverse City

Zaha Hadid’s concept for “Cyber-Urban” is a libertarian virtual micronation where citizens can own unoccupied lots encircling an urban center and access them via avatars. In this project, the neighborhood offers a variety of hyper-realistic districts that support urban self-government.

Also, thanks to the lack of urban planning foster, the emergence of spontaneous order through the process of free discovery will be on a day-to-day basis.

  1. CryptoMotors Showroom

The CryptoMotors Showroom is not only among the first buildings ever built in the Metaverse, but it is also one of the most intricate architectural structures. The goal of the CryptoMotors Showroom was to set a precedent and create an immersive experience in the Metaverse.

The CryptoMotors building includes a garage full of cars, a lounge area, a design studio, a helipad, and a toilet (for emergency use only). Furthermore, you can go to the roof to see a performance by artist Madhertz called One of a Kind, which is quite good.

There is no doubt that no detail was overlooked in the creation of the CryptoMotors Showroom. This structure hints at what the Metaverse’s future holds for NFT architects and consumers.

  1. Nakagin Capsule Tower Building

Japanese digital consultant Gluon will preserve one of the most iconic representations of Kisho Kurokawa’s Japanese Metabolism, the Nakagin capsule skyscraper in Tokyo.

The famous structure is captured in three dimensions by the “3D Digital Archive Project” and then recreated in the Metaverse using various measurement techniques.

This is being said with the knowledge that the Tower is now being demolished because of its unstable condition, inconsistency with seismic code, general deterioration, and lack of maintenance.

  1. Metalympics

The Metalympics aren’t just a single structure; they’re an entire Olympic-themed space in the Metaverse where various fun competitions are held. It’s unclear which are the plans for this space in the future, but the facilities of Metalympics are incredibly intriguing to investigate.

An entire hurdle track surrounds the property, and within it is a field with audience stands, vendor shops, a DJ set, and a location where trophies were awarded to game winners. A glance around reveals some extremely popular Web3 IPs that appear to have been event sponsors.

Regardless of what happens on the Metalympics grounds, it’s already an excellent metaverse history.


As the Metaverse’s future develops, more people will begin to explore it. As a result, more people will discover the fantastic architectural constructions and unbelievable possibilities in the Metaverse.

Soon, the world’s top companies will have architectonic masterpieces as their metaverse headquarters to work as a marketing strategy and become icons in the Metaverse. So, the sooner a company begins building in the Metaverse, the greater its chances of becoming a well-known business.

If you own a company and want to become one of the pioneers in the metaverse building, it would be wise to start considerating investing in it now.

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