Ultimate Guide to The Sandbox 3D Modeling

Ultimate Guide to The Sandbox 3D Modeling

3d modeling is very important when it comes to designing what things conform to the Metaverse. Many designers work every day on assets, constructions, and even full-fledged worlds where people can interact, socialize and learn.

One of the most important places where anyone can design and create their assets is The Sandbox. This place is great since it offers a canvas for players to build, own and monetize gaming experiences.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox (SAND) is a video game software where people can buy digital plots of land (called LAND) and create anything they want there. These creations can be shared with anyone, being one of the top models of blockchain-based Metaverses and Decentraland.

Other native tokens are used in this Metaverse, known as SAND and ASSET. SAND makes it easier to realize transactions, especially for gaming items and assets. This includes land, and user-generated content, conforming a part of DAOs.

Meanwhile, ASSET tokens are NFTs representing in-game items, such as avatars and other similar creations used to populate the LAND. These tokens can be traded and sold in different marketplaces all along The Sandbox.

How Does It Work?

This software leverages the Ethereum blockchain to track the ownership of digital LAND and ASSETS on its application. This is made to let users engage with the ecosystem and hold their wallets and tokens.

Developers can also innovate inside the platform, creating many animations, bringing flora, fauna, avatars to life, clothes, or weapons. Everything is uploaded to The Sandbox marketplace, registered as tokens that people trade, buy and sell.

The Importance of 3D Modeling for The Sandbox

Teams like Exolve are vital to Metaverse worlds since they’re in charge of bringing assets to life. As already known, these assets can be literally anything, providing a wide range of objects where the only limit is the users’ creativity.

Such importance means everything for the Metaverse since it’s part of its core foundations. Moreover, all of this leads to a future end of the 2D era, producing high-quality images and videos that can be captured as real-life thanks to assets and virtual/augmented reality.

While there’s no date or roadmap to tell when will this complete replacement will happen, 3d modeler teams are already working on it. Its immense potential for personalization and eCommerce thinking gives every creator many tools to develop their art.

Most Used 3D Design Software

3D modeling teams use many software tools and resources to bring their creations to life. These are some of the most used programs to realize the elaboration of such assets:


The 3D Modeling software known as VoxEdit is a very simple yet extremely effective tool that many designers use for 3d voxel modeling and NFTs. Adapted to PC and Mac, this tool allows you to create and animate everything: animals, humans, vehicles, tools, and items.

Everything starts from a voxel, a square 3d pixel similar to a building block that the users can manipulate to give it a shape. This leads to the assets created by modelers and the community that are later sold in The Sandbox’s marketplace.


Developed by Autodesk, Maya is one of the best 3d modeling software on the market. It offers a matchless range of tools, resources, and features. These tools set modelers’ texturing options to create realistic and detailed characters.

The most probable downside for every newcomer to this tool is its complexity: there are many things to learn that can scare many users.

The set of texturing options allows users to develop realistic characters and animation, simulation, motion graphics, and virtual reality. Experts often use it for UV maps, low poly, and character creation too, being a popular choice amongst video game creators.


One of the most famous software for 3d modeling, Blender  offers free modeling services, as well as texturing, animation, rendering and even NFTs. The inclusion of many modern tools that allow real-time rendering and a high-quality viewport interface makes it impressive, attracting many users every year.

Another reason why many people decide to switch to it is that Blender can produce images and animations with more power than any other software. Also, being free and open-source means its huge community quickly solves many of the complex issues.

How To Get Into The Sandbox

For those modelers who have knowledge in modeling different assets, characters, and more, it is known that they will look forward to showing or gaining experience. One of these learning methods is getting into The Sandbox and creating new assets.

Entering the Metaverse may sound overwhelming and very complicated, but it is actually a simple task and anyone with the correct tools can do it. Many activities can be realized in this place, and none of them require a high learning curve.

The first step to getting into The Sandbox’s Metaverse is signing up. Next, it’s necessary to link a wallet (Coinbase, Brave, Wombat, or any other) and a social media account. For those who do not want to use the wallet plugin, an e-mail is demanded. Using Twitter, Facebook or Google is also possible.

A unique Ethereum wallet address is generated for every registered user, along with their chosen 4-6 pin code. Visitors will be taken to the Metaverse Avatar Creator after that, where they can customize and choose their avatar, as well as clothes and hair.

Once in the lobby, users can play different activities, socialize and unlock new adventures to realize. This way every participant can earn SAND and LAND tokens, as well as NFTs or giveaways. Socializing, making new friends and designing are also part of this experience, especially for 3d modelers.

Quick Ways to Earn LAND to Design

For those newcomers to The Sandbox 3D designing or getting a virtual model made by a team modeler, it’s vital to know that LAND tokens are needed. LAND is a must to get a place to build assets. Currently, there’s a fixed supply of tokens (166,464), meaning that as the game numbers grow, they will raise too.

After getting LAND tokens, only creativity is the limit. It’s even possible to design games in-game using The Sandbox’s Game Maker Software tool. This can be done in cooperation with other users, allowing even a full team of hired designers to achieve it.

Once an asset is created, it becomes an ASSET token. This allows those creations to be traded or sold, as well as be turned into NFTs. In addition, it’s possible to attach other tokens to it, such as GEMs or CATALYSTs, which can hugely increase its value.

For those interested in making business, LAND or ASSET isn’t o made only to be sold. It’s possible to rent them too, providing a passive income while others do the creative work. This is mostly used for the real estate modeling market.


The Sandbox is one of the most famous places in the Metaverse for 3d modelers who aspire to create new assets and for modeling teams. It’s also a great environment to socialize, make friends, or even design places or characters.

When people get into The Sandbox 3D modeling tutorials, they can also learn that it’s not a very difficult task, and also that it’s very profitable. Only experience with certain tools is needed, as well as a certain amount of money to get LAND tokens and start creating.

Although the concept of Metaverse may still sound very abstract, your dream of building a future there is closer than you think. Everything is possible in this new reality. You just need to make sure you have the guidance of experts like Exolve to take it forward.

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