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Embark on an Innovation Journey with +XR

Embark on a journey with +XR into the heart of digital creation. Our mastery in designing and developing metaverses, creating immersive 3D NFTs, and transformative digital assets sets the stage for a new era of virtual exploration. Dive into our immersive metaverse experiences, where we blend virtual reality with digital solutions, using our unique metaverse tools to shape your metaverse enterprise solutions.

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Pioneering Europe's Cultural Renaissance in the Metaverse

Discover the Creative Web3 Experience Europe (CWXP), an initiative reshaping Europe’s audiovisual and cultural landscape through the power of Web3 technology. This project, endorsed by the European Union, creates a vibrant cultural hub within our metaverse platform, bringing together artists, filmmakers, and art enthusiasts, fostering immersive virtual realities.

Crafting Digital Worlds

Excellence in Innovation

Leveraging Plus Render's Architectural Expertise with Advanced Metaverse Design & Development

Metaverse Design and Development

Explore our expansive, meticulously crafted virtual worlds, a showcase of our metaverse design and development expertise. Our team, skilled in metaverse architecture and metaverse game development, creates realistic and fantasy realms within our multi-metaverse platform, offering a new dimension in digital solutions.

Video Game Design and Optimization

Dive into our groundbreaking video game design, where immersive narratives, innovative gameplay, and stunning visuals converge for an unparalleled gaming experience. Utilizing advanced 3D game assets, our team pushes creative boundaries, redefining interactive entertainment with our unique game designs.

3D NFT Collections

Explore the future of digital art with our 3D NFT collection creation, where each piece is meticulously crafted to redefine the intersection of technology and creativity. Our team specializes in 3D NFT design, creating NFT artwork that resonates with rarity and uniqueness.

Web3D Design and Development

Revolutionize online experiences with our 3D web creation, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology to elevate digital spaces into immersive, visually stunning environments.

Trailblazing Digital Projects

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A Legacy of Digital Excellence

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Years in Design

Over a decade of pioneering digital design, shaping the contours of the virtual world.

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Positive Feedback

Our commitment to excellence reflects in the positive feedback from our global clientele.

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Digital Projects

Each a milestone in the realm of digital design and Metaverse creation.

About us

Plus Render: The Mother Company Behind +XR

Rooted in architectural excellence and innovative design, Plus Render stands as a beacon of creativity in the architectural realm. With a rich legacy of transcending traditional boundaries, Plus Render blends artistic vision with the latest technology to create stunning, lifelike visualizations and animations. As the mother company of Plus XR, Plus Render brings its expertise and visionary outlook to the forefront of digital innovation, setting the foundation for the revolutionary Metaverse and 3D design services offered by Plus XR.

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Client Voices

Hear What Our Partners Say

Big shoutout to +XR for their incredible work on our metaverse project! They took our wildest ideas and turned them into this mind-blowing digital reality. The design is next-level, and the development team crushed it, making our metaverse dreams come true. Working with them was a blast – totally recommend for anyone diving into the digital world!

Metaeden CEO

+XR nailed it with their innovative and creative designs and creation of FIEF NFT Collection! It's like art meets tech in a perfect mashup. The attention to detail is insane, and working with them was a breeze – super chill and transparent.

FIEF Chief of Operations

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Our unique combination of architectural expertise and innovative technology allows us to create immersive, high-quality Metaverse environments and 3D designs that stand out in the digital landscape.

We adhere to stringent rarity principles and incorporate innovative design and precise modeling in our NFT creation process, ensuring each piece is unique and holds intrinsic value.

We utilize the latest in Web3, blockchain integration, and server structure optimization to deliver seamless, immersive Metaverse experiences. WebGL is the main technology we use for Metaverse development in PlayCanvas. And soon WebGPU.

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