Decentraland builder. How to become one (1)

How to Get Into Decentraland – A Beginner’s Guide

Metaverses are a fun and beneficial experience for all types of people. Investors, designers, and gamers alike can gain something out of them. However, getting into them to build in Decentraland, for example, might seem difficult at first.

Fortunately, learning how to get into Decentraland, one of the most profitable and accessible metaverses, is easier than it looks.

What Is Decentraland?

What Is Decentraland?

Decentraland is a metaverse where users can build structures, create assets or interact with each other or activities within the platform.

In essence, this metaverse is a game. Thus, designing fun activities and rewarding players for their participation with collectibles is the main focus of the project. Users can explore Decentraland’s digital streets and lands with their avatars and choose what to do in them.

There are several community-based activities one can participate in. For example, players can attend a virtual concert, take a look at an in-game NFT marketplace, play short, competitive games, or simply meet other people. 

Nevertheless, there are other ways one can use Decentraland for. For instance, one can own a parcel, build on it and create a scene where people can hang around. This is a common way to make a profit on the platform, but it requires funding beforehand.

However, it’s worth mentioning some demands are in place. 3D model building Decentraland has quite the limitations a builder has to duly respect. On top of that, scenes must provide a fun experience for those who visit; otherwise, no one would even consider them.

How to Get Into Decentraland

The very first thing to do in Decentraland is to create an account. Fortunately, this doesn’t require arduous tasks– just a few minutes is enough.

Register an Account

As with any game and most metaverses, Decentraland requires you to register an account and make your own identity.

Registering can be done with or without a crypto wallet, which is a digital bank of sorts to save virtual assets. Although the game is playable without a wallet attached to your account, it’s very recommended to register one. Many features are locked away if not.

Since Decentraland runs on web browsers only, the wallet you chose must be an installable extension in your browser. The most recommended option is MetaMask since it works with the Ethereum blockchain, the network used in the platform.

With MetaMask online, you later have to use a crypto exchange platform that lets you buy assets such as Binance or CoinBase. MetaMask doesn’t let users buy currencies, so Decentraland players have to import their assets to their accounts through these exchange apps.

Finally, buying MANA or ETH is what ultimately lets you experience Decentraland in its completion. Do note that whatever you do in the metaverse will have repercussions on the wallet you chose. 

Create an Avatar

Your avatar is the main bridge between you and the platform. It’s the representation of your persona within the platform.

The process is very similar to other simulator-ish games such as The Sims and Animal Crossing. You select some physical attributes, like skin color, clothes, and some accessories. When your avatar is done, you’ll be sent to Genesis Plaza, the spawn location by default.

After that, you’re off to explore the world of Decentraland. The game is pretty straightforward with the movement commands. You move with the W (forward), A (left), S (backward), D (right), and Space (jump) keys. Pressing the C key will bring about a reminder of the commands.

These basic commands remain the same, so you’ll get pretty used to them even if you’re not familiar with the gaming scene. Nonetheless, you can change them to your liking with the settings menu.

What Can I Do in Decentraland?

What Can I Do in Decentraland?

There are two paths you can take in Decentraland: you either play games or design assets.

Play-to-Earn Games

Despite how unusual it may sound at first, metaverses do feature play-to-earn games. This means one can earn real money just by playing. Each digital world differs in how much. For example, in Axie Infinity, the only way to make a return is to play and master the game’s many mechanics.

In Decentraland, you can partake in several mini-games that give rewards. Naturally, to enter such activities you’ll have to pay a small fee to have the chance of winning a bigger prize. These are usually lax games with a competitive tint to them.

Designing Assets

Collectibles and LANDS are the two components that make Decentraland’s market go around.

Collectibles are the classic non-fungible tokens. NFTs are a staple of the crypto world. As such, they couldn’t be left out in the most remarkable cyberspace of the metaverse scene. They work as cryptocurrencies that can be interacted with in-game.

NFTs in Decentralands can be almost anything: from wearables to even weapons. All of them are unique and, consequently, hold differing monetary values. Each non-fungible token is irreplaceable, so collecting them is both a form of investing and building a legacy collection.

As for LANDS, these are what parcels are called in Decentraland. Fundamentally, LANDS are NFTs. The main difference with regular non-fungible tokens is that owners can build structures in them. These are known as scenes.

Designers can give specific functions to the scenes. To give an example, LAND owners can assign NPCs for people to interact with a particular role. Additionally, a scene can hold several types of events. These create engagement and net you MANA when people pay a fee to participate in them.

Investing in Decentraland

Investing in Decentraland

Provided you have the economic backup for it, financing a project in Decentraland is easy and quick. What’s more, even big companies are investing in Decentraland and other similar platforms.

NFT Collections

Creating 3D NFT art is a complex process. There are many steps that only a professional artist can do. Years of experience working on software like Blende or Unity are a must, to begin with. Regardless of the collectibles’ sizes, each project has a sustainable amount of work behind it.

Thanks to the 3D engine Decentralands runs in, all collectibles must account for 3D animations and proper modeling. A product won’t sell if they look second-class or faulty. Color use and precise 3D motions are but just the tip of the iceberg in the designing process.

What’s more, non-fungible tokens can’t be just about anything. Although the possibilities are endless, it’s worth pointing out that users do want to build their own collection according to their likes and dislikes. Then, the designers have to identify what Decentraland users prefer.

Since the designing process of modeling NFT collections is rather strenuous, most metaverse entrepreneurs prefer to outsource it. As a result, the products’ quality is ensured without risking losses due to a flaky design.


Just like NFTs, LANDs have a particular value attached to them. However, their worth is derived from certain factors not relevant to typical non-fungible tokens.

The price of properties is bound to near locations of interest. Seeing as parcels in the metaverse are designed to mirror real estate, the same applies to LANDs. The spot a LAND is in heavily influences its final value of it.

The nearer a parcel is to a busy area in Decentraland, the heftier the price of the LAND will be. Generally, more lively locations attract more users and, as a by-product, more players pay the entrance fee to your scene.

Alternatively, you can obtain a more accessible LAND in secluded areas of Decentraland. This makes building a scene from scratch vastly approachable. Needless to say, the returns will be slower.


Now that getting LANDs is out of the way, it’s time to examine how they are used as long-term investments.

You can either build on a LAND or sell it. The latter is fairly simple and doesn’t require much thinking, but hinges on the market’s flow, which is a bit of a gamble. The former allows for greater success at a lengthier pace.

Building a scene and developing engaging events is a great strategy to make a consistent income. Games and events are the essence of Decentraland’s gameplay– thus, the developers greatly encourage builders to design on the platform.

Still, structuring a fun complex for users to enjoy takes quite the building prowess. Most LAND holders prefer to hire expert 3D NFT modelers rather than venturing into the unknown. Mediocre scenes tend to fall off in popularity rather easily when the initial puff for them is already gone.


Decentraland is a golden mine for anyone out there who wants to invest in the future. The platform provides a great opportunity to build a business without the need to grasp complicated concepts of real estate.

Metaverse Real Estate Agents Acquire and Design Meta Houses

Metaverse Real Estate Agents: Acquire and Design Meta Houses

While the Metaverse evolves and keeps its constant development route, new ways of investment, business, and recreation appear. Within this, many people are starting to buy virtual spaces inside the Metaverse, leading to the creation of real estate.

A New Concept of Making Money

Since this is relatively new, concepts such as buying land and selling real estate properties have been gaining a lot of notoriety thanks to the building and design of architects in charge of creating environments for the Metaverse. 

Along with this, some people have taken the lead and claimed this newly formed industry, picking up the mantle of “Metaverse Real Estate Agents.” They work hard to make this business grow its demand for acquiring a place in a virtual world.

Why Is This New Business So Profitable?

As the world becomes unstoppably more digital and embraces new technologies, it is impossible not to ask what makes this so profitable or exciting. So many famous people and millionaire investors are paying vast amounts for a plot of virtual land instead of a paradisical island.

Facebook significantly influenced these skyrocketing prices since they went all-in with their Meta platform and virtual reality projects. Metaverse is taken as the new itineration of social media, its natural successor that will entirely change everything.

Recent reports by the crypto-experts estimate that these digital worlds will soon grow to $1 trillion. Major artists such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Marshmello contributed to this growth by obtaining avatars. Others, such as Paris Hilton, DJ’ed a party on her virtual island.

Other significant investments, such as’s CEO Andrew Kiguel paying almost $2.5 million for a plot in Decentraland, have attracted many people. Likewise, the $4.3 million sale of a plot in Sandbox cannot go unnoticed.

Is It Risky to Invest?

Investing in these digital worlds shouldn’t be taken as a risky move but as looking into the future. It is just like acquiring real estate in the real world, only based on its location and importance. Some areas of the Metaverse are more crowded than others, which are undoubtedly the most valuable.

In addition, it’s also caused because big spenders are often located there. As a result, many advertisers and retailers find ways to get into those places looking for opportunities, and brand recognition, bringing more people into the fold.

All of that makes these platforms almost risk-free. When many people invest vast sums of money into it, it is because of something. Multinational brands will not trust a place that would make them achieve a lousy deal.

The Role of a Metaverse Real Estate Agent

This potential new way of business emerges as a new sector hugely dominated by gamers, architects, and designers. As the boom of buying Metaverse real estate grows, more people will want to be part of the art of brokering deals and cashing in with properties.

These people will be responsible for helping people to buy and sell virtual spaces and land, along with specific 3d models. They can also assist them with negotiating its price, lending a hand in choosing the right place and much other advice.

All of these world assets will be possible to be paid with cryptocurrency and refers to things that will act as something in the same room.

How Does Acquiring a Metaverse Property Work?

How Does Acquiring a Metaverse Property Work?

Real estate agents can work and use their experience to acquire properties and sell or negotiate with different clients. For example, a Metaverse agent can buy and sell land, invest in a property and turn a house into a dream home with many options.

Plenty of homes are available for purchase, each suitable for different needs and desires. But, of course, others can be ordered and designed by the client and built by a Metaverse architect.

Having enough money to do it would be the first step to acquiring it. Considering if other people can build next door or above is also essential to avoid future conflicts later down the road. The hottest places to get a place are Decentraland and Sandbox since they are the most used ones.

Interested people will also need to download a browser extension called Metamask, an online wallet to hold digital assets. Funding it with the correct cryptocurrency for each platform is the next step. Finally, everything will be ready to build or use after looking at the listings and buying the desired land.

How to Develop a Metaverse House

After acquiring the lot, it will be ready for development. Planning and zoning are essential steps for what’s next, whether a small apartment or a huge building. Non-expert agents and customers will need some guidance to achieve so, and these are the steps to do it:

Hire Metaverse Architect Designers

A big difference from the real world is that it is not a must to hire an architect to design house plans to avoid them from collapsing. Still, projects need a visual impact, and it is often recommended to hire professional designers since most people want their houses to look good and well made.

Many experts, such as the Exolve designers, are entirely focused on creating virtual 3d models for Metaverse houses. These people have vast experience in knowing how to use the necessary software and related stuff, making it look easy to build a virtual home space.

Buying an Already Built Estate

Acquiring a lot doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be an empty one. There are a lot of already built places ready to use, or that could use a designer’s enhancement. Starting from an already built space is sometimes way easier than from scratch.

As long as the buyer has the right to change and remodel the structure, it is possible to change the entire place as desired. This method is an excellent shortcut for building but is also more expensive than an empty lot. However, depending on the location and the needed work, it is sometimes worth it.

Best Platforms to Get Your House Designed

Like in the real world, a Metaverse has endless options of buildings for someone to construct. There are two main types of categories that most people choose: scenes (architectural landscapes and structures) and wearables (digital merchandise and assets).

Depending on these two types and the expertise of the hired builder, some platforms are more suitable than others for some categories. Nevertheless, these are the most renowned platforms for each type of architecture design:


As already mentioned, Decentraland is one of the most famous and renowned platforms for acquiring a lot or place. This popularity is because many brands have been established here, such as Dolce & Gabbana, Forever 21, and Estee Lauder. 

Experiencing the full potential of this platform means having a Metamask wallet full of MANA coins to build a structure, just for fun or business. Both scenes and wearables are possible there.

The scenes builder has a very easy-to-use tool that allows the creation of anything. It runs on a browser, meaning there’s no need to install anything. As for wearables, it is possible to create items of clothing, accessories, or objects represented as NFTs. Both things need a minimal experience in 3d modeling.


Based on an Ethereum blockchain-inspired by Minecraft, this Metaverse world also allows many users to buy land to design whatever they want. In addition, its “Free Space” feature allows people to avoid plotting certain land, which means everyone can construct it wherever they want.

Another tool called Voxel Builder lets you easily create and edit 3d voxels used for building and NFTs within the platform.


Known as one of the most renowned gaming Metaverse, Sandbox allows users to create every existing asset. In addition, its user-friendly interface allows the creation of many amazing things from almost anyone with the VoxEdit tool.

Every creation can be listed on the marketplace, and each asset can be converted into an NFT. It can also be exported to the market, along with many Metaverse houses.

Somniun Space

Somnium Space has excellent potential for creators who want to build something. It is super simple and requires no coding skills. However, it is mandatory to download Steam and use the drag-and-drop editor tool to create.

What makes this Metaverse builder stand out from other renowned platforms is its easy-to-implement video and audio options, allowing to add unique experiences to almost any creation.


Becoming a Metaverse real estate agent can provide many investment benefits but needs a list of regulations and requirements to become one. Since it’s an emerging market that handles a lot of money, its popularity has taken a big boost, increasing the number of members that want to become part of it.

Owning lots, land, and buildings to rent or sell can become one of the most profitable businesses within the Metaverse. That’s why agents need to hire professional Metaverse architects and designers to create the perfect place for everybody.

Top 9 Metaverse Architecture Designs

Top 9 Metaverse Architecture Designs

The Metaverse will shape the internet’s future, but it is still new territory with many unknowns. However, that doesn’t mean architects aren’t already working on some fantastic structures. Unfortunately, despite their incredible work, metaverse architects aren’t a frequent conversation topic.

Who Are the Metaverse Architects

They are significant because they will be the ones who give shape to the Metaverse. Therefore, it makes sense to comprehend the significance of paying close attention to the architectural discipline. 

With all its potential, the virtual world still needs to be created and constructed. Unfortunately, the constructed environment has been influenced mainly by architects, and engineers for ages, primarily out of need.

The complexities of the physical world required safeguards, but they could give free rein to their imagination in the Metaverse. Thanks to this, creating any trending metaverse architecture design of any style can be easy to become a renowned owner in the virtual world.

In addition, firms with architectural expertise in the physical world and the ability to see the future of design in the digital world can transform any dream into reality. Exolve, for example, will help you realize your metaverse architecture project. In addition, they provide meta architectural services from A-Z.

You could even take advantage of those breathtaking designs and get involved in metaverse real estate to make money. If a metaverse architecture design is trend enough, it can raise its price to millions of dollars.

Top Metaverse Architecture Designs

Let’s take a look at some of the best-designed buildings in the metaverse with the following list:

  1. Dark Junction – Jedi Temple

Enter the Jedi Tower at Dark Junction. This Tower isn’t the tallest, but it stands 13 meters tall and towers over all the surrounding structures. When you enter the Jedi Temple’s main hall, you are greeted by a giant screen that displays a YouTube video. In addition, there are several pieces of NFT art on the wall.

The Jedi Temple has four floors, all accessible via elevator. Take the elevator to the second floor, where you’ll find even more art. It’s worth noting that you can click on the art to be taken to the listing for that NFT.

After admiring the various works of art on the first two floors, the third floor shows an entirely different vibe. The Meditation Chamber seems to be where Star Wars fans might congregate to relax, but it could be used for anything.

The fourth and final floor is the Tower, a small room atop the temple that offers visitors a 360-degree birds-eye view of the city. The Jedi Temple appears to have been built as a museum rather than a place of worship, in my opinion.

  1. Mars House

It was marketed as the “first NFT digital house” and described as such. This was created by artist Krista Kim and sold on the online marketplace SuperRare for more money than many actual homes, although it was merely a 3D scene meant to be viewed in virtual reality.

The digital work acted as a case study for the possible copyright problems that might arise with metaverse architecture since Kim and her rendering artist Mateo Sanz Pedemonte eventually got into a legal battle over who was the rightful owner of the project’s intellectual property.

  1. West Coast Bill – SpaceX Metabase

The SpaceX Metabase building is divided into two sections: the Metabase and the Spaceship, which is modeled after SpaceX’s Starship and features an animated spaceship orbiting the building’s top.

Bill Lee, an investor in many of Elon Musk’s ventures, including SpaceX, Tesla, and The Boring Company, owns the SpaceX Metabase. 

When you first enter the building, you are greeted by a room filled with art from Bill’s collection. His collection includes works by RTFTK, Hackatao, and SuperPlastic, among others.

As you ascend to the second floor, you will see a large screen with “the future is here,” signed by West Coast Bill himself. It’s unclear what the SpaceX Metabase will be used for in the future, but it has a lot of promise.

  1. The Shipping

Andrés Reisinger was one of the first digital designers to produce NFTs after finding success on Instagram. His debut was a drop of 10 virtual furniture items auctioned off in less than 10 minutes for a total of $450,000 because metaverse architecture design isn’t just about buildings.

The “impossible” chairs and tables in the collection can be added to any 3D virtual environment or used to create new games and animations.

  1. Metapurse HQ

Metapurse HQ is one of the tallest buildings in the Metaverse, standing 37 meters tall. This skyscraper is owned by multimillionaire Vignesh Sundaresan, better known as Metkoven, who is best known for paying $69 million for Beeple’s ‘Everyday’s’ NFT.

Although Metapurse HQ is an impressively tall structure, only four floors are available for exploration. Meeting space, art gallery, 1-1-1 room, and rooftop. Each one of these floors seems to be very promising.

The meeting area is vast, and the 1-1-1 room displays a replica of Metakoven’s F1 DeltaTime 111 NFT car, which he purchased for $111k in May 2019. In addition, the rooftop offers a beautiful view of the city.

Metapurse HQ is undoubtedly one of the best buildings in the Metaverse. While there isn’t much to show yet, given the name and size of the structure, Metakoven is likely to hold at least some of his operations inside of Metapurse HQ.

  1. “Cyber-Urban” – Metaverse City

Zaha Hadid’s concept for “Cyber-Urban” is a libertarian virtual micronation where citizens can own unoccupied lots encircling an urban center and access them via avatars. In this project, the neighborhood offers a variety of hyper-realistic districts that support urban self-government.

Also, thanks to the lack of urban planning foster, the emergence of spontaneous order through the process of free discovery will be on a day-to-day basis.

  1. CryptoMotors Showroom

The CryptoMotors Showroom is not only among the first buildings ever built in the Metaverse, but it is also one of the most intricate architectural structures. The goal of the CryptoMotors Showroom was to set a precedent and create an immersive experience in the Metaverse.

The CryptoMotors building includes a garage full of cars, a lounge area, a design studio, a helipad, and a toilet (for emergency use only). Furthermore, you can go to the roof to see a performance by artist Madhertz called One of a Kind, which is quite good.

There is no doubt that no detail was overlooked in the creation of the CryptoMotors Showroom. This structure hints at what the Metaverse’s future holds for NFT architects and consumers.

  1. Nakagin Capsule Tower Building

Japanese digital consultant Gluon will preserve one of the most iconic representations of Kisho Kurokawa’s Japanese Metabolism, the Nakagin capsule skyscraper in Tokyo.

The famous structure is captured in three dimensions by the “3D Digital Archive Project” and then recreated in the Metaverse using various measurement techniques.

This is being said with the knowledge that the Tower is now being demolished because of its unstable condition, inconsistency with seismic code, general deterioration, and lack of maintenance.

  1. Metalympics

The Metalympics aren’t just a single structure; they’re an entire Olympic-themed space in the Metaverse where various fun competitions are held. It’s unclear which are the plans for this space in the future, but the facilities of Metalympics are incredibly intriguing to investigate.

An entire hurdle track surrounds the property, and within it is a field with audience stands, vendor shops, a DJ set, and a location where trophies were awarded to game winners. A glance around reveals some extremely popular Web3 IPs that appear to have been event sponsors.

Regardless of what happens on the Metalympics grounds, it’s already an excellent metaverse history.


As the Metaverse’s future develops, more people will begin to explore it. As a result, more people will discover the fantastic architectural constructions and unbelievable possibilities in the Metaverse.

Soon, the world’s top companies will have architectonic masterpieces as their metaverse headquarters to work as a marketing strategy and become icons in the Metaverse. So, the sooner a company begins building in the Metaverse, the greater its chances of becoming a well-known business.

If you own a company and want to become one of the pioneers in the metaverse building, it would be wise to start considerating investing in it now.

Latest Updates About the Metaverse

Latest Updates About the Metaverse

The Metaverse is a non-stop changing world. A place that is in constant development by its millions of users that frequent it every day. Many do it for 3d virtual design, others for NFTs, and some for gaming, but all do it because it’s part of the future. So it’s vital to keep up with all its updates and news.

Metaverse 2022: Trending Industries

With the boom of many brands getting into the virtual worlds of the Metaverse and the huge influx of people visiting it, many industries became trending. Most brands earned an important name there, implementing new business strategies to adapt and succeed.

These are some of the most trending technological industries that are currently on the top of the list when it comes to the Metaverse:

Virtual / Augmented Reality and Gaming

Virtual and augmented reality came to stay when it came to the gaming industry. They played a more significant role during the late years, with amazing exponential growth. This becomes even bigger when related to the Metaverse, being a vital part of it.

Among the video games these devices are used for The Sandbox stands out. This futuristic platform based on games like Roblox and Minecraft developed an immense decentralized world where anyone can personalize their avatar.

The game’s token based on Ethereum, SAND, allows players to buy and sell their virtual land to construct whatever they please.

Its main competitor, Axie Infinity, is another of the leaders in the gaming industry related to the Metaverse. Founded in Singapore with a blockchain community for trading and breeding virtual pets similar to Pokémon, it gained massive popularity.

Its play-to-earn system allows millions of users to earn tokens that can be traded for AXIS coins to buy and upgrade their pets or sell them.

Virtual Art Galleries

The popularity of NFTs has increased in almost every type of art, including digital assets and blockchain technology. Although relatively new, this market is one of the most valued ones, reaching the whooping number of $2.4 billion.

These immersive spaces are the perfect place for virtual artists to show their creations, opening endless possibilities for exhibitions and environments. These experiences were further expanded during the COVID-19 pandemic when many new Metaverse art galleries were opened.

Digital Real Estate

Surpassing the $500 million barrier the last year, the real estate market has come to stay in the Metaverse. Being the core of virtual worlds, this business is extremely important because it allows users to connect, create and sell their creations similarly to real life.

Many assets are being created to be sold or traded in the Metaverse as real estates, such as buildings, architectural designs, and more. Most of them are created by professional teams such as Exolve, where experts make wishes reality with their 3D abilities.

Other services, such as 3D virtual tours, greatly take advantage of this business, allowing their customers to explore designs thanks to VR/AR headsets.

Social Networking

The Metaverse isn’t only useful for gaming and creating art and buildings but also a perfect place for people around the globe to connect with others. These virtual experiences can happen in different worlds, platforms, and spaces created by many architects.

For example, many giants from the Hotel and Resort industries are looking into launching virtual hotels. Visitors will be able to explore it with their avatars, and also reserve a room or talk to other Metaverse visitors.

Virtual non-playable characters (NPCs), hosting events, and more will also be added, to make things easier for the community. These non-controlled avatars will be in charge of ordering and engaging with anyone who looks forward to it.

Biggest Deals Signed This Year in the Metaverse

Biggest Deals Signed This Year in the Metaverse

Different industries have gained a lot of momentum and profit thanks to the Metaverse boom and lots of businesses and companies. These are some of the brands that have invested the most in these virtual worlds and gained a lot of profit:

eFuse ($981.7 million)

2022 has been an amazing year for eFuse, which reached the biggest Metaverse deal of the year. This American mobile application company works as a hub for video games, esports, and gaming technology, raising $981.7 to date.

Such millionaire funding size represents almost the total number of esports and video gaming roles in the Metaverse. Other important competitors in this scene are Epic Games and Roblox, which have been hosting virtual concerts in their games.

Flexport ($935 million)

This American tech company is known for its cloud-based service in the Metaverse, helping users make global trade decisions across the network. They also solve supply chain bottlenecks and many other issues of digital solutions.

nCino Bags ($925.5 million)

Part of Fintech, nCino is a cloud banking system solution that offers customers portals. This year, it raised $925.5 million by working in the Metaverse, according to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

This cloud service is also vital to support the Metaverse because big data capabilities would make it harder to take the lead and develop the market without it.

Verse Innovation ($805 million)

Verse Innovation is an Indian platform millions of users use to create short video content with strong ties to the Metaverse. It has only raised $805 million at this stage, becoming one of the top 5 companies with the most money raised in these virtual worlds.

Part of this success comes from the huge popularity videos have occupied in the Metaverse. Sharing apps and mainstream video creation apps such as TikTok and Meta reels gave it the push it needed to become one of the most demanded services.

Uniphore ($400 million)

Uniphone is another of those American companies that are investing millions in the Metaverse. This automation technology company has reached deals of $400 million. Their focus on voice, artificial intelligence, and computer vision focus have made it very important for the Metaverse.

These are very common technologies that are developed for virtual worlds, and since it plays a big part, many people look forward to what’s next.

Aminoca Brands (358.9 million)

Animoca Brands is a company from Hong Kong that raised its finances to $358.9m this year. It develops and publishes many mobile games and products, including for companies in the Metaverse. One of its biggest hits was Liberty City Ventures, which led to a huge boost in profit.

The company’s plan for the Metaverse 2022 and 2023 roadmap is to help by driving digital and virtual property rights and ownership via NFTs and gaming. This would contribute to building new digital networks that would contribute to an open metaverse.


If it was needed to realize a Metaverse 2022 recap, anyone would say it is a place that never stops upgrading itself, with millions of users visiting it every day. Naturally, this provides many business opportunities, especially for those technology giants that can invest huge loads of money.

Current millionaire deals and technological advances in virtual and augmented reality make the Metaverse an attractive place that always drags more people in. However, the infinite chances it provides to earn money, socialize and even learn makes it unique and very enjoyable.

Best Metaverse Enterprise Solutions for Companies

Best Metaverse Enterprise Solutions for Companies

The Metaverse can be seen as a virtual place that has a solution for everything. Socialization, profiting from video games, learning, and even helping companies. These worlds offer a lot of opportunities to businesses for marketing, earning money, and more.

While currently it is still abstract and not totally connected, it is expected that in the future anyone from anywhere will be able to connect with others in the same room. Although its undeniable commercial success has made many people get into it already, benefiting many companies with this influx of users.

How Can the Metaverse Provide Enterprise Solutions?

There are many business applications currently working for better Metaverse enterprise solutions, realizing different activities that benefit everyone. The most renowned cases are Meta and Microsoft, which already mentioned that they will provide solutions, such as:

Sponsoring Events

The evolution of video games into the Metaverse has greatly helped the millions of users who connect to play and socialize with others every day. Interacting with anyone around the world allows you to experience unique events, such as in-game concerts.

Concerts like Fortnite’s Travis Scott performance or Massive Attack’s Minecraft event are some of the most renowned ones. Other companies are also sponsoring more events like that, becoming more frequent, with high attendance bringing a lot of profit for every part.

Developing Digital Twins Applications

Very modern applications known as digital twins are used for planning and production, especially in the Metaverse. Doing so can help organizations to achieve their purposes.

These digital twins are virtual replicas of workers, products, or simply a process. With the incorporation of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality, Metaverse companies can substantially improve them. This leads to better decision-making and deeper analysis.

Enhancing Remote Work

Remote work can be a challenging task, failing at productivity tasks if it’s not realized correctly. Sometimes, these jobs require very time-consuming and extensive training, along with collaboration that companies cannot cover, leaving abandoned projects.

The Metaverse can improve and solve some of these issues, making remote work a much better experience for everyone. Virtual reality training is very simple to realize and it can help to simulate certain scenarios that intensify the preparation.

Other features like virtual meetings with augmented reality can be achieved too, creating long and boring talks more entertaining.

Producing New Digital Assets

With more popularity, more customers and users come trying to get into the Metaverse. This brings more avatars into the fold, looking to participate in new activities, and of course, spending on things businesses have to offer. This includes digital clothes, real estate, consumables, and more assets.

Among the most required assets to buy, NFTs stand out; meanwhile digital real estate occupies the second place at the moment, but still making a huge profit for those who choose it.

Entertaining With Online Video Games

The Metaverse is deeply connected to entertainment and video games, making this business sector a clear option for enterprise solutions. Highly profitable, it was originally hosted as a virtual open-world format, hosting tournaments, events, and many more unique things.

Other businesses such as streaming services, virtual reality, and augmented reality helped this rise, increasing the player base even more.

Helping with Education

With the pandemic, many institutions needed to restructure themselves, and this included education. Meanwhile, schools were closed, and teachers and students needed to utilize certain apps and software to connect and keep learning.

The Metaverse comes with an excellent solution for this, looking into the future. Its features of virtual reality will allow an entire class group to connect from anywhere to a room to be together, having almost real-life-like interactions.

This is not only tied to a classroom, but also to co-curricular activities, developing interesting and unique interactions for every student.

What Makes the Metaverse Solutions Unique?

What Makes the Metaverse Solutions Unique?

There are currently many services that could offer a great experience with amazing features for its users, meanwhile, the Metaverse is still something new. That’s why it is vital to inform and address what it can provide that other tools cannot. These are the most renowned features that can benefit customers:

Good Customer Engagement and Experience

The Metaverse itself revitalizes everything, replacing the “old” 2d internet experience with a complete 3d one. This brings every user the opportunity to feel and be there, without being there physically. That feature leads to improved client satisfaction thanks to the amazing and limitless technology existent.

Another great feature is, for example, the ability for customers to try on certain clothes or costumes without being there. This can leave clients satisfied, increasing the rating of businesses’ customer experience.

Better Customer Support

Virtual worlds can improve provided customer support. It gives every company the chance to resolve their users’ complaints through real-time aid and prevent clients from getting annoyed after delayed responses.

The ability to call for a virtual repairman at the very moment something fails is only one of the many resources that can happen. For example, if a user has a problem setting up a new product, an expert could provide step-by-step solutions and demonstrations from anywhere, and work together to fix it.

Deep Personalization

People love acquiring things that can be personalized to their needs and liking, no matter what it is. The fashion business was one of the first to address this, starting by including personalized recommendations based on their audience.

Meanwhile, in the Metaverse, users can use tools and resources to design their own pieces of clothing, leaving it only to the imagination.

More Social Engagement

The different platforms the Metaverse holds provide endless opportunities for socialization for anyone who steps in. People from anywhere can chat together in the same room, in a totally virtual city designed by 3d architects, in space, or anywhere.

Other Benefits the Metaverse Can Offer to Companies

The Metaverse enterprise solutions offered can improve many aspects of a business with its unique features, but there’s always more. Shops, small businesses, and markets that step into these worlds can also benefit from it with these important tips:

New Revenue Streams

Most shops have two ways to earn money: through their real-life shop, and an online store where people can buy from home. A new way is added for those who decide to work in the Metaverse, which can totally surpass its popularity and profit.

This new one brings the best things from the other two shop ways, allowing customers to make well-informed purchases without the need to leave their house People can try and visualize outfits with their avatars and know how the clothes would look if they wear it..

Lower Return Rates

Some products are significantly harder to purchase online, seeing high return rates. A showcase of these items within virtual Metaverse shops gives customers plenty of time to analyze features, specifications, and benefits before making their decision.

There’s also a notable difference between online shopping and the Metaverse. The latest one can offer virtual assets that can be looked into from VR, meanwhile current eCommerces can show videos and pictures, but will never get that close to such an immersive experience.

This helps to “duplicate” a retail store into a virtual world, but at the same time, greatly increases the customer experience.

Free Market Researches

Metaverse is a great tool for businesses to realize free market research and learn about their customers’ life preferences. Testing products in the Metaverse are also less costly and receive the same benefits from them.

Not only can customers try out a product before buying it in the real world, but it also works for companies the same way. Since it’s less pricey to do it this way, businesses create virtual models and assets that can be purchased and showcased for VR in the Metaverse.

In addition, this can lead to free market research for companies since they can conduct studies and know what products people prefer and then translate it to real life. Such a move can greatly reduce the dangers of releasing a product that people won’t like since it’s already proven to be working.


Businesses need to adapt to new Metaverse enterprise solutions to bring the best customer experience with new unique events and resources. This can benefit not only users but also companies to profit and gain more fame.

Also, other features can increase the liking of customers for a company since the Metaverse allows deep customization and better engagement. All of this can change a company for good, bringing a life-like experience just from home.

What Are the Best Metaverse Apps to Invest In

What Are the Best Metaverse Apps to Invest In?

The Metaverse continues to grow in popularity since Facebook rebranded itself, even more with TIME magazine featuring it on its August 2022 issue cover. As a result, new projects regularly emerge, offering innovative and rewarding use cases.

Furthermore, with the news of a $2.4 million digital land sale, everyone wants to invest in the Metaverse, hoping to make money somehow. Many people could have the opportunity to become millionaires. 

Here, we’ll look at the best metaverse apps available right now, explaining the numerous advantages of investing in them.

A Closer Look at the Best Metaverse Apps

These apps may pique the interest of those wondering how to invest in the Metaverse, as many of them represent a viable investment opportunity. However, the number of Metaverse apps that have already garnered massive community support due to their innovative approaches to social interaction can be pretty large.

As a result, when you browse the various categories, you will discover many Metaverse app stocks to invest in. As a result, to further assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the best metaverse apps to get you started.


Over the last year, Decentraland has become one of the most popular metaverse apps. MANA, the platform’s native token, has emerged as one of the best metaverse coins for investors due to its popularity. This was demonstrated by the token’s 700% price increase in late 2021.

Users can explore the rich environment by creating avatars in Decentraland’s 3D world. Notably, users can also purchase virtual land plots within this world, which are structured as NFTs (called LAND). These LAND parcels can be monetized in various ways, including in-world advertising.

Users can also create 3D “scenes” to interact with other users. These scenes can be anything that comes to your mind, and with a team of NFT architects, you could make groundbreaking designs to sell in the future when they become famous.

An extra point for Decentraland is its Explorer app for Android, which allows users to explore the vast universe of NFTs associated with the platform, so almost anyone can join the Metaverse.

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity had more than 2 million daily active users at its peak in November 2021. Within its world, players can buy monsters called Axies and battle them against the Axies of other players to earn rewards. These prizes are given in AXS (Axie Infinity’s native token).

Furthermore, because all Axies are NFTs, players can easily buy, sell, and trade them on the game’s marketplace. Axie Infinity is still one of the most popular metaverse apps because players can ‘breed’ their Axies, increasing their chances of earning rewards.


Roblox is distinct from the other metaverse apps because the platform is not hosted on the blockchain. Instead, it is an online platform that allows users to create their games as well as interact with games created by others.

Roblox Corporation, the company behind the platform, is publicly traded, which means that investors can buy stocks to gain exposure to the platform’s growth. In 2021, RBLX shares doubled in less than a month, indicating exponential growth.

Much of this was due, in part, to Roblox’s widespread popularity, with the platform boasting over 202 million monthly active users in April 2021. And additionally, those who create games with Roblox can earn rewards by selling in-game items, paving the way for monetization.

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is a crypto-gaming platform that features play-to-earn (P2E) battle games that allow players to earn rewards. It is hosted on the Binance Smart Chain and provides a rich 3D world called the ‘Battle Arena,’ where players can explore and interact with others.

Investors interested in purchasing Battle Infinity can do so during the project’s presale period. Those who want to learn more about this new metaverse app should join the official Telegram group, where all major announcements are made.


MOBOX is a community-driven GameFi platform that combines yield farming with NFTs, allowing users to play various P2E games and earn rewards. These games are free to play and reward users for their skills and participation.

In addition to gaming, users can trade NFTs and purchase mystery boxes containing randomized prizes. There’s even the option to stake MBOX tokens for a high yield. MBOX can also be used for governance, giving platform users a say in the platform’s future.

Mines of Dalarnia

Mines of Dalarnia is one of the best play-to-earn games with metaverse concepts.

Because of its free-to-play nature, this game has a high metaverse app ranking, allowing players to collect in-game objects and upgrade their character. Rewards are given out in DAR the native token of Mines of Dalarnia, which can be used to buy items from the in-game marketplace.

This game has dungeon-crawling mechanics similar to the well-known Diablo franchise. Players can mine for resources throughout Mines of Dalarnia’s levels, which they can use to improve their character’s attributes or tools. It also has mechanics built in because there are monsters that players must defeat.

The Sandbox

One of the best Metaverse NFT projects, The Sandbox, was launched in recent years to allow users worldwide to express their creativity. Players will find the VoxEdit tool within The Sandbox to create in-game structures. Once a structure is built, it can be assembled as an NFT and sold to others.

Transactions take place on The Sandbox marketplace, with SAND serving as the native currency. Users also can create 3D games with no programming experience.


Zepeto is another excellent metaverse app on the market. It is a Naver Z metaverse platform that allows users to create 3D avatars and interact with others. Users can purchase virtual items such as clothing and accessories and communicate with friends in the virtual world.

Furthermore, major clothing brands such as Nike and Gucci have capitalized on the app’s popularity by creating digital versions of popular items. This crypto game is in a great position to foster exciting collaborations with other leading brands now that it has over 300 million subscribers worldwide.

How to Invest in Metaverse Apps

While many regards it as the pinnacle of entertainment, only a small percentage of investors recognize the Metaverse’s distinct nature as a trend to invest in. However, many people hesitate to invest because the industry is still early. 

Surprisingly, purchasing land from Metaverse worlds or even buildings are some of the best ways to invest in this concept, but there are others. As a result, to assist you, we’ve listed various ways to invest in the top metaverse platforms and apps. So let’s take a look!

Investing in Metaverse Games

Buying tokens or shares of Metaverse games is one way to invest in them. At present, the presence of high-profile initiatives such as Battle Infinity and Tamadoge has fueled the meteoric rise of Metaverse games in the last year. However, remember that the more a game is known the more expensive its currency will be.

Investing in Metaverse NFTs

Purchasing NFTs is also a smart way to invest in the Metaverse. Several of the top NFTs from the previous year were used in projects centred on the Metaverse due to their unique qualities. Within the Metaverse, you can create NFT architecture, which combines pretty well with digital land.

Due to the absence of physical limitations within the Metaverse, designs can be spectacular, making their perceived value high. Therefore, having one or two incredible NFT architectural designs to sell in the future can be an important move.

Furthermore, one of the critical aspects of NFTs that attract Metaverse enthusiasts is the ability to provide “real” ownership of in-game assets. This ownership of goods in the Metaverse can be used to create virtual lifestyles.

Investing in Metaverse Crypto

Another excellent way to invest in this industry is through cryptocurrency. Many apps have native coins that can be bought when they are still at an affordable cost and resold when their popularity of them grows. 

Moreover, these tokens can be used for various purposes, including in-game transactions, governance, and staking, which can give even more added value to having a good amount of them.

Investing in Metaverse Real Estate

Another unique opportunity that has emerged in recent years is Metaverse real estate. This new investment opportunity offers a unique perspective on digital land ownership and tenancy. You can even add buildings to said lands, increasing their value.

Investing in Metaverse Stocks

A great way to invest directly in Metaverse apps is by buying its stocks. The variety of metaverse app stocks available is good for those who prefer to trade on the stock market rather than the crypto market. This makes it easy to diversify your portfolio and avoid becoming “overexposed” to a single project.


Considering all the aspects of the platform, its popularity, and the price movements of its token, investing in the Metaverse is a great option. Moreover, the Metaverse apps have gotten much attention lately, thanks to the growing popularity of digital lands and P2E games. 

However, while all of the apps on this list are excellent for investing, considering that cryptocurrencies can be volatile, you should exercise caution when investing. Investing in more secure assets like stocks or 3D models that are less likely to lose their value is the best idea for those starting to invest.


CWXP x Mochi Circle: Empowering Artists in Web3

Uniting Creative Communities

At CWXP, our mission is to support artists from various domains — music, film, visual arts — as they transition into the Web3 space. Recognizing that many artists are either not present or minimally active on social media platforms like X (formerly Twitter) where Web3 communities are most often found, we’ve partnered with Mochi Circle, a dynamic web app that’s reshaping how creatives connect and flourish in their niches.

What is Mochi Circle?

Mochi Circle is a web application and a community builder that brings people together based on shared interests — whether you’re an artist, gamer, or enthusiast in another field. This platform is designed to foster mutual support among its users, ensuring everyone can grow and succeed together. Adopting the (3,3) ethos of Web3, Mochi Circle helps you support others, and in return, they support you in a fair and verifiable manner.

How Mochi Circle Works for Artists

For artists beginning their journey in Web3, Mochi Circle offers a straightforward way to engage with a community that supports each other. Here’s how you can get started:

  1. Sign Up: Visit Mochi Circle and sign in with your X account. Mochi uses Read Only access, ensuring your data and email remain private.
  2. Join a Circle: Choose from circles like web3, art/NFTs, gaming, or general, depending on your interests.
  3. Engage with Content: A list of posts from circle members will be available for you to interact with. Clicking “Visit Post” marks the post as engaged.
  4. Verify and Create: After engaging with others, hit “Verify Engagement”. Once verified, you can share your own content link, which will then be visible to the circle.

Earn Points: Engagements, posting, and referrals earn you points that boost your content’s visibility, unlock whitelist spots, and can even secure free mint access to NFTs.

Benefits of Joining Mochi Circle

  • Community Support: Early-stage artists can find and grow their audience in a supportive environment.
  • Visibility: Regular engagement increases visibility and helps build your digital presence on platforms like X.
  • Networking: Connect with other artists and creators who can provide valuable feedback and collaboration opportunities.

Tips for Maximizing Your Mochi Experience

  • Engage Actively: Likes are essential, and comments or retweets are encouraged to deepen connections.
  • Follow Others: This helps build your network and prevents potential shadow bans.
  • Stay Within Guidelines: Ensure your posts adhere to the no NSFW and no political content rules to maintain a positive community environment.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Encountering issues with engagement verification? Here’s what you might need to check:

  • Shadow Ban: Use the provided detector to see if your account is shadow banned.
  • Account Consistency: Ensure the account connected to Mochi is the same one logged into X.
  • Engagement Limits: If you hit a like limit, take a break and try again later.

Join Us on This Journey

We’re thrilled about the possibilities this collaboration with Mochi Circle opens up for our artists. Welcome to Mochi Circle, where your creative journey in Web3 begins with support and connection.

– – –

About CWXP

CWXP is Europe’s first open cultural space in the metaverse, connecting artists, event organizers, and art enthusiasts through immersive digital experiences. With integrity, innovation, diversity, and collaboration as its values, CWXP reshapes the cultural landscape in the digital realm.

Empowering Artists, Embracing Tomorrow | CWXP Twitter | CWXP Discord

– – –

Project Partners

About gigmit

Live events inspire us. We exist to simplify the world of live music. The live music business as it stands is complex and inherently has too many barriers to entry. That is why we want to make touring, booking and promoting a frictionless experience. We want to clean up: Live music business should be fast, easy, data-driven and accessible to everyone.

gigmit is a platform that empowers the currently 230,000 promoters and artists to craft the best career imaginable. We are the most accessible online platform that empowers you to make informed booking decisions based on local fan and streaming data: Sold out shows, done simple.

gigmit helps you to connect with the right people to create and play successful live music events all around the world. | gigmit Twitter | gigmit LinkedIn

About Kontentwerk

A startup focused on innovating the distribution of audiovisual content. The company licenses rights for films, series and other programs for TV and streaming markets, and consults with producers, rights owners and distributors. Its experts have years of experience and reach across the film industry. | Kontentwerk Twitter | Kontentwerk LinkedIn

About Plus Render | Mother Company of +XR

A high-end architecture, design, and 3D rendering studio with 45+ designers and architects. After years of experience in the physical world, Plus Render has opened a pioneering metaverse design studio, Exolve, which designs and builds 3D spaces and metaverses in the digital world of Web3. | Plus XR Twitter | Plus XR LinkedIn

How to Buy Land in the Metaverse

How to Buy Land in the Metaverse

Real estate has always been expensive, a tough reality for many people. Some of the highest-priced ones are not even located on Earth or do not exist in the real world. Digital real estate is one of the most non-stop increasing business investments in the Metaverse.

Most of this “boom” was caused by celebrities and investors paying millions to get a piece of virtual land on different platforms. However, crypto enthusiasts, tech followers, and thousands of users also started to follow this trend, making it the success it is today.

Understanding Metaverse Land

The virtual worlds of the Metaverse are known for being split or divided into different territories or areas, each including plots of land for people to use. These lands are not only purchasable but also can be traded or exchanged for fiat, cryptocurrency, or even non-fungible tokens.

Inside these places, users can create whatever they want: new experiences, enjoy games, socialize, host party events, and many more.

Since the land is part of NFTs, the ownership of each one of these digital assets can be easily proven, meaning all transactions are equally public records.

How to Acquire Land

Buying, selling, or trading land follows the same principles as non-fungible token sales. Most platforms require a desktop device to access and acquire land, where users can get a snapshot of the available land characteristics. This includes location, area, prices, potential, and transaction history.

Once the users choose the preferred land they would like to buy, looking in the marketplace for it or looking at third-place official markets like OpenSea and Binance NFT is the next step. Once done, users will have to go through three simple steps to acquire land:

Opening a Digital Crypto Wallet

Almost every Metaverse virtual world requires users to have their digital crypto wallet. This is required for any transaction, as well as for holding digital assets and virtual money. The wallet chosen entirely depends on the Metaverse platform that the member chooses to use.

For the best possible experience, experts recommend using a digital wallet that allows users to integrate it into web browsers. Top wallets like MetaMask and Binance Wallet Chain are some of these examples.

No matter what crypto wallet is chosen, it’s necessary to make sure it can support the currency of the virtual project in which it intends to invest.

Buying Cryptocurrency

Having enough cryptocurrency is mandatory to complete any transaction in the virtual world. Most currencies are very easy to get and can be used almost anywhere. Popular ones like $MANA, $SAND, and $ETH are the most requested.

Platforms like Binance, Coinbase, and KuCoin are the safest places to acquire cryptocurrency.

Selecting a Metaverse

Unless there’s a project in the land to acquire land in a specific Metaverse, users will have to start looking for options and compare to know which one is the best. Among the top platforms, Decentraland and The Sandbox stand out as the best available options, with many opportunities.

The amount of land varies from Metaverse to Metaverse, meaning checking these small details and characteristics is vital before fully committing.

Confirming a Purchase

Once the desired land is chosen, and the user has the necessary amount of cryptocurrency to buy the land, the confirmation phase begins. To confirm the buy, heading to the Metaverse’s marketplace (or a third-party platform) is necessary.

After the sale is confirmed and the transaction is complete, users should see its NFT in their digital wallet. This also includes confirming them as the owner of that acquired land. After that, players can build on it, re-list and sell it again for profit, or hold it until they want to.

Ways to Find Purchasable Land

It’s very important to know that virtual worlds have a limited amount of parcels available, meaning that there’s no infinite amount of land to buy. This is made to boost scarcity and healthy economic competitiveness.

For example, Decentraland has its land divided into 90,601 plots called LANDS. Many are available, and each offers different characteristics: advertising, business, parties, services, and events.

As for how to find purchasable land in the current market, these are some of the most successful places to get a good plot:

The Sandbox

A lot of LAND is available to buy in The Sandbox’s official marketplace and in many other second-hand places or third-party NFT exchanges like OpenSea. However, it’s important to note that these places have traditionally been more expensive than the official site.


Ranking as one of the smallest Metaverses to get land with only 3,026 parcels, CryptoVoxels can be bought through OpenSea in exchange for UST or ETH. Unlike other virtual worlds, this one keeps expanding and currently features even more plots.


With its rank as one of the top places to get Land, Decentraland has some of the most expensive plots, valued in millions. Much of its allure is related to the high-profile platform, with many influencers, celebrities, and companies that decide to partner with Decentraland.

Somnium Space

Launched in 2018, Somnium Space earnt its name in the virtual world among those looking to know how to buy land in the Metaverse due to its offerings. Its heavy focus on video games and NFT offers a lot of diversity, with more than 5,000 parcels available for users to acquire.

How Can Designers Improve These Lands?

Those with no knowledge of modeling or design that acquire a plot of land in the Metaverse will notice that there’s no way to buy something easily. That’s where professional designers come in to buy any building, asset, or foundation the clients want.

Teams like Exolve are extremely capable of realizing these types of tasks. From ground-breaking architecture to open-world environments, creators can materialize anything in the Metaverse through landscape designs of any kind.

Creating these worlds with professional expertise also means having deep knowledge of 3D software, design, and modeling. This way, they can ensure that every user will feel the detail and immersion that Metaverse provides, making them return for more.

Among the most famous creations, the Exolve teams have shaped entire fantasy worlds, real-life-like counterparts, and many buildings. Collaborations with Nikeland, The Sandbox, and Zara are also some of the Metaverse, and NFTs designers have participated in.

Are There Any Risks When Buying Land?

When learning to buy land in the Metaverse, it’s important to remember that risks can happen, just like in any other place when acquiring something. For example, many scams and fake sites try to sell non-existent plots to users, making them lose their money.

Like buying crypto and NFTs, digital real estate doesn’t have any government agency, bank, or institution to go to when trying to recover lost money. This is why proper learning and guidance can make a difference before making a catastrophic decision.

Even if these risks are avoided, users need to know that some technical considerations can come to mind, such as sales conducted by NFTs. Making sure that personal information is encrypted and backed up properly in case of data loss or theft can save someone from a scam.


Many people look to know how to buy land in the Metaverse due to its rising popularity and chances of making huge profits. Unfortunately, this trend doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon, with certain parcels increasing in price to millions.

At the same time, the arrival of many celebrities has helped to raise and boost the popularity of platforms like Decentraland and The Sandbox, two of the most preferred places to build. Hiring a creative design team to do these jobs is vital to creating a good real estate property.

Future of Architects with the Metaverse

Future of Architects with the Metaverse

The Metaverse exists to bring the imagination closer to reality. Its immersive experience allows the architects to bring your thoughts and ideas to life. 3D virtual creations have become much more accessible, thanks to technological advancements. 

A render that can deliver perfection with every aspect of its design is what clients are looking for. The virtual world is a great platform to showcase the same and bring renders to life! Qualified architects are now able to work with incredible creations. With the advent of technology, it is now possible to do so. 

The advancement in the industry of Metaverse design has also opened doors to numerous opportunities for skilled minds. Digital designs are becoming more popular among architects leading the architectural industry to the verge of evolution to a whole new level.

What is Metaverse?

In terms of technology, it is the next phase of the internet. With 2-D and 3D options, it’s like virtual reality technology. In a virtual world where people can meet and socialize and even shop. Why can’tcan’t the building option be introduced? It has existed in online games, especially for a second life, but with technological advancement, it is transforming into a whole new industry.

The Metaverse has its own digital economy powered by blockchain and cryptocurrency (that’s a story for another time). Enabling the creation of an ecosystem that focuses on communication as well as designing. 

It’s related to online interaction. More relevant to the pandemic force in everyone’s life. Estate agents, in particular, have used this platform most suitably as they have started hosting digital walk-throughs for properties online. Design in the Metaverse can offer good profit because the design process works just like in real life. Innovation and creativity are presented in different terms, as this platform opens up the vision window that is full of next-generation ideas. In the virtual world, skills are known to set the rules so anyone can do wonders.

Working with Meta Architectural Service 

Although no engineers are involved in this, developers do keep in check and make the interactive design. Metaverse architects should be creative enough, as they work on the projects related to future buildings. In meta architectural service creativity is combined with technology. One has to come up with different ideas. Ultimately as an architect, one should think out of the box.

Thinking outside the box and in the virtual world can be complicated. Even the question of whether people will spend their time in virtual worlds also arises. There are huge concerns that may occur for the society a Metaverse might create. The role of controversies is evolving in joining tech companies. Virtual reality and other forms of technology are improving. The advancement has opened up new possibilities, particularly for architecture grads. 

Architects can acquire new skills in the verse or brush up on their existing ones. Metaverse is regarded as a beneficial factor for the architectural industry. Meta verse started its journey with the gaming world, but as the evolution took place it upgraded its version toward digital architecture. 

One cannot deny that the architects did not contribute sufficient creativity. Reality is just like the virtual world. Architects have to keep the idea the same and have different visions. 

Creativity and Imagination 

Architects and designers are required to create and enhance virtual spaces with the imaginative projects & creations in the Metaverse. They are probably changing the design pattern, by pushing it towards the new world. This new world can be altered and changed according to requirements. 

Traditional architecture plays a critical role in providing ideas. They require new skills and shifts in creative perspectives. Architects in the Metaverse should be familiar with 3D modelling. This is mostly because metaverses like OVR and Decentraland only deal with 3D NFTs. For several domains, integrated professional skills are essential including user interface, game design, character design, and digital structures. Architects have been introduced to a number of opportunities as a result of this possibility. Architectural design has become an integral part of the Metaverse with the help of 3D modelling. It is currently regarded as a modern-era architectural design.

Fresh minds that have a passion for building are now aware of the Metaverse and 3D technologies in combination. The established patterns of construction procedures might take a sharp turn towards evolution with this aspect. However, the virtual world & its application have been the hype since the beginning of the pandemic, leading to a shift in architectural design from the real to the virtual world. This has also resulted in the creation of creative interactions in the industry.

Metaverse: A Way to Preserve History

It may sound weird, but this is creating a way to preserve things for future generations. In traditional options, buildings collapsed, but with digital architecture and Metaverse, these buildings can be preserved inside the digital reality for future generations. It’s the easiest way to express and explore the architectural heritage. That allows online users to interact with the environment of that particular building.

As an authentic piece of art, the architects have options where no real-life rules are implemented. And they can easily work upon the restrictions such as gravity, structure instability and climatic issues. Even the focus on visual and audio effects is taken.

With 3D models and virtual design, clients get the option of getting any digital twin. In that case, they have the authority to live there for a month to see if they enjoy the space or not. Apart from this, one of the benefits that would be offered is the capacity for people of all ages to make a name in this industry. But in the real world, it takes several years to build a project. However, the Metaverse architect is working in front of the screen. And creating away with a creative vision.

As the world changes, the popularity of FTs has accelerated. Where companies create digital assets with significant value, these are similar to regular assets in life. Various platforms have started selling virtual parcels of land. And here people can own and build upon. It is working as a different hike in the real estate field, because of the demand in meta architectural firms. New opportunities are emerging for the Architects to participate as they get the platform to create a new digital world.

The Star Behind the Stage: Metaverse

Metaverse Blockchain cannot be ignored. They offer 3D design and architecture for customers, focusing on virtual real estate options. Even in-game cryptocurrency can be used to buy plots of land. This is applicable in virtual Real estate.

Being an interactive online space. It allows open participation. And for the virtual world Digital currencies are required for digital assets. And NFT works better. As it can take the form of an artwork, currency or just an uncool online character. But sometimes the parameters are not clear (that’s really rare).

Metaverse is not something that’s very new in the market. However, it has gained hype in the past two years. It’s being considered a great way towards the expansion of businesses in unimaginable ways. Even on top of that several tech giants have already started to create their own virtual worlds to keep up with the pace. It clearly shows the appeal to leverage the trends to bring in profits.

The Metaverse has its own advantage when it comes to architecture & its artists (the architects). The platform enables enough for them to understand the scope of growth & success in a short time. No skill or talent goes unnoticed in the Metaverse.

Design is all that Metaverse has so it serves as a great platform to practice & leverage the forms of designs to their greatest extent. 

With digital tools, sensors and data the artists can focus on creating an immersive environment that resembles reality, where one can escape gravity and can recreate virtual buildings. Nevertheless, as an architect, one is expected to monitor the patterns that need to be scrutinized before setting your art free in the virtual world. 

The virtual world offers immense growth to those who have the ability to create. Hence, it’s also a great platform to showcase what you have in your arsenal while attracting clients & boosting demand every moment. 


In the end, we can only say that Metaverse is pushing architectural design to a new era of demand and growth with 3D modelling as a co-star. 

Metaverse is a home to various design-oriented entities. They are merging the physical and virtual worlds to create the original environment, adding up to a new experience for clients. 

How Does a Metaverse Design Work

How Does a Metaverse Design Work?

Connecting with people worldwide has taken an enormous step, thanks to the Metaverse and its architects. These new ways of socializing, gaming, and business are evolving quickly. To understand it better, it’s vital to know how a metaverse world is designed.

What is the Metaverse?

It’s difficult to explain with only one definition since it could be many things. For example, it can be an umbrella term for extended reality, a virtual universe to escape to, or just a sci-fi speculative answer.

The first time the word “metaverse” was used was in 1992 in the sci-fi novel Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. It was about a story where a person travels back and forth through dystopian realities called the Metaverse.

Another adaptation of the same novel, probably more modern and similar to what the current Metaverse can be, is Spielberg’s Ready Player One movie. A dystopian world where the only escape from reality is getting online into a virtual world where everyone can live a new life as an avatar and fully own it.

It may have originated thanks to sci-fi, but its concept is still vast. The idea of creating an immersive virtual world or space where people can interact with each other no matter how far they are is probably the most accurate definition now.

A great example of this virtual world is an already existing game called Second Life, released during the 2000s. While there were no virtual reality devices then, they still managed to create a whole fleshed world where anyone could create a character and live their life.

How Metaverse Can Change Everyday Life

There are many interactions we do every day that could be done the same way but inside a different world. This could be an amazing opportunity to connect with many people around the globe and share unlimited knowledge.

The metaverse world could be the new way of office working. Like a hybrid model, this new way of doing a job would consist of some people present and others doing remote work. However, no matter how far they are, the Metaverse gives everyone a common shared space. A good example is Horizon WorkRoom.

Also, it can become the perfect place for different gatherings, where people can share lessons and recipes and interact with millions. This new way of learning with teachers or instructors from all over the globe while being in the same virtual world has much potential.

The Metaverse will also emerge from the gaming industry since it will inherit many of the basic foundations of game design. Moreover, since its content will also be generated by and for users, this will encourage long-term participation.

How is a Metaverse Environment Designed

There are many steps to designing a virtual world, with different stages and workspaces. Every creation in the Metaverse requires an environment, like a casino, a park, schools, theatres and many other places. That’s where designer architects such as the Exolve team need to aim for and play a very significant role.

It doesn’t matter how they look: it could be a real place like an office, something new like a special station or even in a cartoon style. However, it needs to feel comfortable for users, meaning that designers need to pay special attention to other areas to achieve this.

Accessibility for Users

Accessibility to the Metaverse is vital in any good design. Unfortunately, this is very hard to achieve since many factors make it complicated to realize, such as the sickness many users suffer from using VR headsets.

While it is still taking its first baby steps, this presents a perfect opportunity to solve those issues by buying new projects from the start instead of fixing old ones. More comfortable devices and approaches will be necessary to ensure that people will want to stay in these worlds for a long time.

Content and Activities Simplified

Environments must be generated in a way that makes people want to visit or use them. If not enough things to do are provided, they might leave after a while. Something needs to attract them to it to be a successful product.

It doesn’t have to be something extraordinary: just what they do in the outside world. So, for example, watching movies, listening to music, and many more ordinary activities are good options. The difference would be that they do not need a TV, a stereo or many other multiple devices, but just a VR headset.

Designing Digital Goods

Digital goods are another great way to profit within the Metaverse and add more originality to avatars or the world itself. While they would have specific limitations, such as not existing on the real planet, they could still bring advantages.

Fashion items are a good example. Buying a particular piece of clothing in the Metaverse would give the user’s avatar a personal style. This could also lead to brands looking to port their outfits into the virtual world in the future.

Decentralized Payments

Since the Metaverse is an essential part of Web3, it is evident that decentralized payment methods will also take a big part of this.

Paying for the already mentioned digital goods with cryptocurrencies instead of real money would be an excellent idea. Plus, these currencies could be transferred to any other Metaverse.

A current example of Metaverse currency is Mana, the coin used by Decentraland, one of the most famous current virtual worlds.

Focus on Virtual Reality

The improvement of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) devices will be necessary for upcoming years. This will allow users to feel a highly realistic experience that immerses them in the virtual world.

Depth and perspective will be one of the most beneficial researches, able to craft new experiences while keeping users safe and comfortable. Facial expressions will also need to be added to enable users to reflect on their emotions and how it helps to interact with people.

Other gestures, such as improved hand movement, head, body, and voice interactions, shall become an essential part of this new world. This can provide users with a new level of comfort, hugely making things easier.

Improved Privacy Measures

Online privacy will be crucial in the Metaverse because it will protect the person behind the VR headset. This should be an integral block of any virtual world-building from the first day.

Preventing cyberbullying is an essential measure, not only one but in future Metaverse projects. Everyone should be able to decide who they want to be with and have the chance to remove people harming them.

Exolve Metaverse Builders Tools

Metaverse builders use many tools to create them. These are some of the software that our Exolve team uses to elaborate these virtual worlds:

3D Modeling

Since Metaverse is a 3D virtual world, it is evident that 3D modelling is a part of it. The more realistic the Modeling is, the better the Metaverse environment will be. This allows an easier immersion for players. Blender, Houdini, and Cinema4D are some tools used to achieve this.

Interactive Frameworks

Achieving realistic interactions and scenarios is the goal of any designer. Therefore, it’s essential to follow the line when designing good interactions, using the immense library of modular components available, especially with Interaction SDK.

Understanding of the World

Every expert world designer is capable of understanding how the real world works to ensure its creations work with each other. So that is why it’s vital to know about anthropology, architecture, and urban design to design a fully working virtual society.

Storyboard Research

Storyboards are research tools that are also very used in the movie industry. These graphic organizers include pictures that illustrate the scenes displayed during a sequence. It makes it easier for everyone to understand the situation or what actors need to convey.

This perfectly applies to the Metaverse, where creating an immersive experience should be everyone’s top priority.

User Research

Designing a product and finishing it isn’t the end of development. To ensure it is successful, it needs to be adequately tested. This helps to offer a better user experience and allows designers to notice what needs improvement.

Immersing themselves in the virtual world allows developers to notice their creation’s strong and weak spots.


Metaverse design isn’t an easy task that everyone can do. Therefore, developing skills and an understanding of society and the real world are needed.

Architecture teams like Exolve are in charge of shaping the foundations of this vast virtual world and what it can offer through 3d Modeling. After this world creation process, other areas ensure everything is in order and comfortable for its users.