How 3D Model Creation Works in Autodesk VR Software

How 3D Model Creation Works in Autodesk VR Software

Many companies and software work hard to develop and invest in the Metaverse and the virtual worlds surrounding and involving them. One of those is Autodesk, which enhances many aspects of virtual and augmented reality to make a more immersive and inclusive platform.

Software and game developers are getting more and more options to create new video games, tools, worlds, and resources; meanwhile, the VR markets keep growing.

The Impact of Autodesk on Developing the Metaverse

Autodesk VR software has many tools and resources that allow professionals to work on expanding the Metaverse, with a special focus on 3D designing. This comes from certain tools such as Autodesk Maya 3D and Autodesk 3Ds Max Modeling and Rendering Software, which makes modeling an easier task.

What is Autodesk Maya 3D?

Many VR developers use this software called Autodesk Maya 3D to craft very realistic characters and other professional assets. This innovative developing tool can empower artists and designers, allowing them to start working directly on 3D processes.

This makes creating VR a simple curve system, with surface tools that let creators explore 3D space and assets while fully immersed in their design.

What is Autodesk 3ds Max?

Autodesk Maya 3D and Autodesk 3ds Max are software from Autodesk Inc. that provides most of the video game industry and virtual design of the Metaverse. Such tools include modeling, rigging, keyframing, rendering, and lightning.

Also, each software can develop VR Metaverse-related entertainment such as movies, series, and other things that any 3D toolset can create, with almost unlimited potential. The main difference with Autodesk 3ds Max is that Maya focuses on realism; meanwhile, 3ds Max is an all-purpose tool.

Building Models with the Correct Tools for the Metaverse

Autodesk Software includes a very powerful set of functionalities that allow users to create 3D models that can build almost anything in the Metaverse. This contains worlds, assets, buildings, and many other related things.

To create things, it is important to know how to do them. These are some of the tools that Autodesk VR Software has to model:

Extrude Tool

One of the most efficient tools to utilize in many locations, the Extrude tool is a very versatile and simple resource that allows for the selection of faces and edges. This can move offsets, create insets, and add thickness to the working model’s elements. 

Such tools are used especially when designing buildings that need small details while keeping a clean cut and shape in the Metaverse.

Multicut Tool

The multi-cut tool has an important role in Maya if used correctly. It can draw lines from one viewpoint to another, cutting the mesh as a slice. It makes it very useful to give a mesh an entirely new perspective for the model.

It can also apply new dynamics, such as an object breaking into pieces when impacting the ground, which can become handy in the Metaverse for immersion.

Bevel Tool

One of the most important for building, the Bevel tool, is used to smooth borders. Distributing edges can be extremely hard to define when starting with a mesh of low polygons. That’s where the Bevel tool comes into action, making everything easier.

This can create soft and hard edges while maintaining evenly spaced support edges that maintain the original and expect the shape of the asset.


Another quick way to model objects within Autodesk is using the Deformer tool. There are a few resources within this tool, each with a different function providing a special outcome.

One of them is the ShrinkWrap Deformer, which allows polygonal shapes to be taken to wrap them around one another, speeding up many operations. For example, this is used when covering an object with another in assets created for the Metaverse.

The Wire Deformer changes the shape of targets using one or more curves. Since there are many applications for this, it’s one of the most typical and easiest ones to achieve.

Last but not least, the tension deformer is a very handy tool for those looking to add surface tension without creating too much deformation on an asset. It also introduces a connection between the vertices while avoiding stretching and squashing effects.

A common application for the last deformer is providing a damaged shape to a model, such as metal surfaces with small deformations or a dented can, for example.

Other Important Things to Know About Autodesk VR Software

Developing Autodesk VR Software can be a very time-consuming task that demands full attention and sessions to learn how to use it properly. However, these are some of the things that can be achieved with such software for the Metaverse and virtual reality:

Allows to Learn How 3D Spaces Work

Real life can exist in 3D, but computers screen is 2D. Software like Autodesk Maya works with 3D based on three axes, “X,” “Y,” and “Z.” Those intersections are called the origin and are represented by coordinates (0,0,0).

A good example is the classic video game Mario Bros, where the character’s world was entirely depicted as a 2D videogame, the “X-Y” space. “X” was the horizontal line (bricks where the player moves along), and “Y” was the vertical axis (where the player could walk or jump).

To bring that project into the 3D world, the “Z” needs to be added to the equation. The third dimension allows the creation, design, and construction of other details, such as the character’s hat, nose, or mustache.

Helps to Streamline Certain Projects

The software can ease projects for its many creators in many ways. One of them is streamlining design through the use of hotkeys. This lifesaver feature is considerable, especially for workers and students who spend up to 20 hours per week using the resource.

Hotkeys include quick move, rotate, and scale, as well as other features. It’s possible to use the full keyboard adapted to hotkeys to avoid performing actions with the mouse.

Provides Quick Help

Looking up and searching in Google can be the first reaction for many people when needing to know something. Of course, this includes random questions and things related to Autodesk VR Software programs.

The internet provides many resources that can become extremely handy, such as the official Autodesk’s Youtube Learning Channel and other tutorials and forums.

Has Easy File Accessibility

Autodesk Maya has multiple options to save files, such as “Maya Ascii” and “Maya Binary.” While the modeling assets do not change with extensions, they allow one to access the file from different software or commands. This can also prevent data corruption or file loss.

Such options enable certain files to be opened with WordPad or Notepad, editing a scene directly from the script.

The Importance of Building Immersive Worlds

Many developers and creators often use a long list of programs, such as Autodesk VR, to build their worlds, cities, and Metaverse assets. This is extremely important because it sets the foundations of what people will visit and see when login in.

Professional teams of creators such as Exolve are in charge of doing such immersive places that make users interact and engage. Retaining them is vital to make more people come, bringing profit to creators and customers through the trade and sale of NFTs and other assets.


Autodesk is a very powerful software with many tools and resources that allow the creation of assets virtually for the Metaverse and animations for television and movies.

The importance of mastering these tools is in demand every day since technology is growing non-stop and more workforce is needed for 3d models. Moreover, doing so can ensure that the Metaverse worlds will guarantee high-quality and good customer service for everyone.

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