CWXP: Revolutionizing Europe's Cultural Scene

A Metaverse Gateway for Creators and Innovators

CWXP is the embodiment of +XR's visionary approach to digital creation. This pan-European project constructs a unique metaverse where cultural experiences are reimagined. From music concerts to innovative cultural formats, CWXP offers a 3D cultural experience space that transcends traditional boundaries. It combines metaverse technology with blockchain's transparency to create a new era of cultural engagement and artistic expression.

Development Highlights

3D Virtual Cultural Space: Crafted with advanced architectural design and 3D modeling, blending real-world aesthetics with the limitless potential of the virtual world.

Blockchain and NFT Integration: Utilizing blockchain technology for transparent revenue distribution and content ownership, along with NFTs for digital ownership and contract execution.

Web3 Infrastructure: Building a backend infrastructure that supports a range of cultural events, ensuring seamless integration of audio, video, and interactive elements.

Impact and Innovation

New Audience Engagement: Exploring new business models and artistic approaches within the Web3 framework, aiming to engage diverse, independent content creators across Europe.

Education and Analysis: Post-project, extensive analysis will be conducted to educate the sector and policymakers on the opportunities and benefits of Web3 technologies in cultural spaces.

Agile Development Process: Our approach includes user experience testing and iteration, ensuring the CWXP platform remains dynamic and user-centric.

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Release Date

December 2023


Metaverse Development

CWXP Metaverse, developed from scratch by +XR, represents a significant milestone in our journey of digital innovation. It is not just a project, it’s a movement towards a digitally empowered cultural ecosystem in Europe.