HEALM: Crafting the Future of Immersive Virtual Reality in the Multi-Planetary Metaverse

Where the Metaverse Expands Beyond Boundaries

 In the vibrant expanse of HEALM, we redefine the metaverse experience. Our vision goes beyond singular realms or lands; we present a Multi-Planetary Metaverse—a dynamic universe that expands with limitless possibilities.


Unveiling the Future: User Planets in the HEALM Metaverse

HEALM invites you to own your corner of the metaverse with fully immersive Virtual Reality (VR) Planets. Unlike traditional metaverse concepts, HEALM empowers players to effortlessly launch and own their personalized planets without requiring advanced technical skills or 3D design software.

Explore the HEALM Universe

  • Drag-and-Drop Customization: Delve into an extensive database of pre-built, customizable assets. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, shape your VR Planet into a unique haven, tailored to your imagination.
  • Community Engagement: Planet owners are the architects of their destinies. Invite others to explore, become citizens, and actively contribute to the development, governance, and economy of your celestial creation.
  • VR Demo Application: HEALM’s Metaverse Architects are crafting a VR demo application, providing a sneak peek into the thrilling future of HEALM. Immerse yourself in a preview of the groundbreaking experiences that await.

Jetway to the Metaverse: Bridging Brands with the Future

Envision a future where brands seamlessly connect with their audience in the metaverse. Enter HEALM’s Jetway to the Metaverse program—an initiative designed to empower forward-thinking companies and brands with a strategic entry into the metaverse and web3 landscape.

  • Strategic Partnerships: HEALM collaborates with select brands to craft potent Go-To-Metaverse strategies. These strategies facilitate connections between fans, customers, and the brand’s products and services within the expansive HEALM metaverse.
  • Custom-Built Experiences: Immerse users in custom-built, shared immersive experiences that organically reinforce brand affinity. HEALM provides an unparalleled platform for brands to engage with their audience in ways previously unimaginable through web 2.0 or even real-world interactions.



Release Date

November 2024


Metaverse Development