PLUS PLANETS: Metaverse Design - Embark on a Celestial Journey

Where Your NFT Collection Transcends the Cosmos

Step into the cosmic realm of PLUS PLANETS, an extraordinary project featuring an exclusive in-house 3D NFT Collection comprising 10,000 planets. Immerse yourself in the creation of artistic, functional, and livable planets, each meticulously designed and classified based on rarity attributes such as atmosphere, surface, houses, craters, vegetation, and more.

Key Features of PLUS PLANETS: Crafting Your Cosmic Haven

Artistic Exploration: Crafting 3D NFT Masterpieces

  • Our dedicated team crafted 10,000 unique planets, each a masterpiece in the realm of 3D NFTs. From the atmospheric nuances to the surface details, every planet is a work of art.

Functional and Livable Worlds: Beyond Aesthetics

  • PLUS PLANETS goes beyond aesthetics; it envisions functional and livable worlds. Explore the balance between artistic creativity and practical functionality as we shape planets that are not just visually stunning but also immersive living spaces.

Rarity Attributes: A Classification Beyond Limits

  • Planets within PLUS PLANETS are classified based on rarity attributes, including atmosphere quality, surface features, housing structures, craters, vegetation, and more. This classification adds a layer of uniqueness and diversity to the expansive collection.

PLUS PLANETS Development: A Journey to Celestial Ownership

  • Inhabit Your NFT Planet: The NFT owners have the exclusive opportunity to inhabit their planets. They are able to step onto the surface of their cosmic creation and experience the immersive environment they’ve claimed as their own.
  • Social Invitations: The NFT owners can showcase their celestial haven to the world by inviting their network to explore and marvel at their unique PLUS PLANETS. 
  • NFT Collection Showcase: The NFT owners have an option to transform their planet into a gallery for their NFT collection. They can display their curated digital treasures in a celestial setting, creating a unique and personalized exhibition within the vast expanse of the cosmos.



Release Date

January 2023


3D NFT Collection