Simple Steps to Create and Sell Your NFTs

Simple Steps to Create and Sell Your NFTs

Since the boom of cryptocurrencies and the pandemic, many artists will be mind-boggled to see exceptional and original content. Non-fungible tokens are those digital assets associated with art, music, in-game items, videos, or any other digital production. With each passing day, the trend of creating, promoting, and selling in a Blockchain marketplace has increased. It has never been this easy to profit from personal content. 

What is an NFT?

Anyone can be an NFT artist; they certainly don’t have to be a professional artist. If you have paintings, 2D & 3D designs, digital illustrations, animations, virtual avatars, digital collectables, and games that are distinct and exclusive and not repeated without due credit to the primary artist can be presented as NFT. 

NFT provides exclusive rights to hold originality and fandom. Ideally, a creator need not rely on promoting art at galleries and being auctioned. Instead, the creator can directly sell the art as a digital token to a buyer in a blockchain marketplace.

Creating Your First NFT Art: A No-Brainer Guide to Follow

Creating the Masterpiece 

Create your stellar designs in 2D and 3D, as well as memes, GIFs, virtual avatars, paintings, and sketches.

Setting up Your Crypto Wallet 

Choose to buy a digital currency from your ideal cryptocurrency exchange platform like Coinbase, E-toro, etc.

NFT architects offer the facility to work with future design concepts that bind architecture and Metaverse algorithm-enabled NFTs. Check out the website for step-by-step instructions to support your special 3D and Metaverse-integrated projects. 

Explore and Sign-up on a Marketplace

Start trading your NFTs and stay connected with the largest community of digital creators.

Understanding the Line-up Steps in Detail

Buy Ethereum 

Once you have digital art created and ready to be sold, you will have to own an Ethereum-supported crypto wallet. The digital wallet will hold all your NFT collection and cryptocurrencies.

Buy Ethereum from a cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase, E-toro, Gemini, Binance, Venmo, and PayPal, which are conveniently accessible via mobile apps or desktops. Like any trading wallet, each platform has a certain cut on the fees collected for all your buying and selling transactions.

Choose Your Popular NFT Marketplace 

Now that the wallet is set up and loaded, you are free to explore the NFT universe. Search and match your requirements by researching the suitable Marketplace for the best commission rate and having different categories of NFT Art traded.

Few Popular NFT Marketplaces to Try Out

Open Sea 

The largest NFT Marketplace. The Marketplace holds vast collections of varied forms of NFTs, which makes it a reference platform when you search for special and rare art creations. The platform accepts around 150 cryptocurrencies and integrates with both Ethereum and polygon blockchains. This allows any consumer to avoid unnecessary fees associated with NFT trade.


An NFT Marketplace that is widely popular to attract creations from sports, media, and gaming. The platform uses Ethereum, Flow, and Tezos blockchains, which can offer lower carbon and gas fee options while NFT minting. 


A thriving NFT Marketplace is associated with the Binance Crypto exchange. A convenient platform for easy NFT trade that offers a wide collection of NFTs. The platform estimates the NFT in USD currency to make it a familiar comparison before your transaction. 

Can I Attain Benefits While Trading an NFT?

NFTs are young and thriving in the digital world. However, like any investment trading on assets, there is always risk associated with the transaction.


NFT’s offer authenticity to the artwork – The creator can brand the artwork with personal digital signatures to confirm the ownership. 

In NFT unique data, there is only one owner to the NFT art at a given time. This allows the tracking and verifying of the frequent NFT art Transfers. The transfers also allow royalty rights to the creator who can benefit a percentage from the subsequent sales.


While there are more marketplaces, you may want to look out for the associated fees and varied commission rates offered by all the platforms and make the investment only when you are comfortable and understand your risk potential.

The Performance of NFTs is volatile. The NFT art market will continue to evolve and grow, but it acts upon the trend in the market. Because there is a viral trend to create and sell NFTs, it may or may not be ideal for making any large investments. 


Non-fungible tokens are diverse digital assets. You will often be tempted and intrigued to witness rapid progression in the crypto universe. The anticipation of rare NFTs to perform massive in the future can be a calculated risk everyone has to endure while trading. 

Often, NFTs are programmed for further development, so being aware of how useful and flourishing an NFT will be in the future will be beneficial. Look after an NFT transaction like any traditional trading practice; research and assess the maximum risk and prospects that maximize your returns and finally, take a lead with confidence.

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